An Open Letter to Nets Fans in New Jersey

Dear Net fan,

If you are one of those fans who were born and/or live in New Jersey, there is a good chance you must be feeling very frustrated at the moment. Your team is leaving NJ for greener pastures (or so they say). Your team looks almost ashamed at the fact it spent the last 35 years in New Jersey. And understandably so, in the next few weeks, you will be considering your options whether to follow the Nets in Brooklyn, find another team root for, or stop following basketball completely. Before deciding, take your time to read this.

I live more than 4000 miles away from New York. Just to get an idea, look at the following picture. I live in Malta:


If you're worried about the transit to New York, take this into perspective. I have to work for six months, save ALL the money, take a week off, take a 3 hour flight to London, then an 11 hour flight to New York and a 15 minute train ride to arrive at the Barclay's Centre. Relatively, Brooklyn to you in New Jersey is not that far away.

Personally, I was never a New Jersey Net fan. I was a Net fan, and where the team plays makes no difference at all. Why it should make a difference to you is something I simply cannot understand. The team is not offending New Jersey at all by moving, and it's wrong to take it as if it is. The Nets are just moving on, in a better direction I must say. And if you feel offended because the team will be playing home games slightly up the map, then you're justifying the move itself. The Nets deserve better fans than ones who are not willing to remain fans with the team doing what's best for its future.

Take this into perspective: Almost every international fan has to stay up and watch games that start at 2AM and finish at 5AM on an 11 inch netbook on LP. Most of us have to go to work or school the day after. When I had the chance, I travelled across Europe to watch the Nets play, working full-time for a whole summer to be able to afford going. I dream of going to Brooklyn and watch the Nets, but it is financially and practically impossible for me. I was escatic when my tweet was read on 'ASK THE ANNOUNCERS' last year. Therefore, PLEASE, don't make inconvenience an excuse. There are fans from around the world who will never get to see the Nets play a regular season game, and have every reason to stop following the Nets. We have no ties to New Jersey and/or Brooklyn, and it would be easier for us to be Thunder, Heat, Lakers or Bulls fans. And yet, we follow this team.

Think about it. Then make your decision.


A True Nets Fan

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