Loyalty at its Finest

I bet you I know EXACTLY who almost 80% of you guys are thinking this is going to be about.

And your wrong.

Gerald Green has been reported to have said that he is willing to take a discount to head to Brooklyn. He is willing to take less to play for the "lowly" Nets when he would probably get offers, possibly better offers, from other teams around the league with better records. With this said, you could say he is loyal, most devoted player on this team. This is probably something most of you would say is a claim that nobody has done to the Nets. He deserves Brooklyn, doesn't he?

And there, I will stop you.

Yes he is loyal, yes he wants to be here and yes I do want him in Brooklyn. Who doesn't? His amazing dunks and matured attitude would be great for this team AND the fans. But to call him the most loyal player here is too far. To say nobody has ever done this is just showing how forgetful humans can be (not all of you say this, only some).

To say that is to say you forgot who Brook Lopez is.

Without a single doubt I say Brook Lopez is BY FAR the most loyal member on this squad. And I say this for several reasons. But let me just clear out on Gerald Green.

There are several factors that would help someone stay with their team. Green himself summed up in 2 sentences what makes him want to stay: "I’m about loyalty and this team was the first team to pick me up for the year. They gave me an opportunity. They gave me a shot."

We have given Gerald Green every single reason to stay. Like he said, we gave him a chance at a comeback to the NBA. We gave him the opportunity to head to Brooklyn and we supported him. We loved him. We allowed him to achieve the dream he's been re-chasing for years. To be a professional NBA player. Without us, there was little hope for him. Partially due to injuries, we gave him a chance not only to be part of the team, but to also play significant minutes and he took advantage. He was given everything he needed to want to stay here.

On the other hand, we have Brook Lopez, who the team gave every variable to NOT want to stay on this team. It's not like he would not have had a career, he most certainly would have. He was, after all, the 10th pick in the 2008 NBA draft. He'd most likely would have been picked not too soon after and would have been a valuable piece to most teams. We did nothing special for him then. And what did he endure? This is the man who wanted to be a Net even through 12-70. Through 24-58. Through the entire Melo Drama, when he didn’t know his own teammates. Through the awful Dwightmare, when we were willing to ship him left and right for anything that would get Dwight. This is a man who was never really being appreciated by the fanbase. The guy that gets constantly bashed for one year of pathtic rebounding. The same guy who wanted to be here even if we weren’t going to Brooklyn the next year, or the year after. The guy whose played with 4 different coaches and in 2 different home arenas. The guy whose played with FIFTY-TWO different teammates. The same exact guy who doesn't who will be his teammates the next day. The guy who has played at least 3 years with a vacant home crowd, a voiceless fan base. The guy who played every single god damn game that he could, and never once did he complain about "the sightlines" or the crowd, or how much we sucked, and never EVER said he wanted to leave.

Yeah, that guy.

That's who I think is the most loyal to this team. Green's intentions are based off of a clear influence, the fact that we gave him a shot. The fact that we gave him a chance when nobody else would. The fact that we let him back in the NBA after 3 years of struggles. His reasons are perfectly clear.

What incentive does Brook Lopez have? We've given him nothing to cheer about. Compared to what he's been through, there is nothing that really stands out and says, that's why he wants us. Green's motives are clear, Lopez's isn't.

And that is exactly why I want him in Brooklyn more than anyone. This is why Brook Lopez should stay a Net. This is why Brook Lopez is the most loyal member of this team.

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