Questions For The Critics of the Wallace Trade

There are some very vocal opponents of the Wallace trade, and on the other end those that are at least content to wait to judge the trade depending on what happens between now and mid July.

For those that are decidedly against the trade, I'd like to understand why a bit better.

I know the "pundits" have commonly, quickly and easily passed off the trade as a terrible desperate measure by the Nets, but generally they don't really understand the bigger picture of individual teams and their agendas. I'd much rather get fellow fans' perspectives of even the beat reporters perspective than listen to a Marc Stein or Skip Bayless.

Of the common arguments I've heard, I'd like to address them, and then ask for further discussion.

1. Portland wanted to dump Wallace.

How is this known?

I did not hear his name in the rumor mill at all. In fact, Portland just traded 2 1st round picks for him only 12 months earlier.

The team was doing well to start the year and fell off, but they only moved two players.. Camby (who was an expirer anyway) and Gerald Wallace. They didn't move Crawford, Felton, Wes Matthews, LMA and others, so it doesn't look they were having a fire sale and selling assets off as cheaply as people suggest.

2. We could have had him for much less in trade.

How is this known?

Do we know there wasn't an offer from a team like the Bucks, Jazz or Rockets? Teams with a need at SF fighting for the playoffs? They all have borderline lotto picks and other assets they could have added.

If they didn't accept our offer then, when would they have accepted it? On draft night? Portland couldn't have traded Wallace on draft night because he has a player option (like Farmar).

3. We could have signed him in Free Agency.

How is this known?

We've had a revolving door of players turn their noses up at us. LBJ, Bosh, Boozer, Gay, Tyrus Thomas, Caron Butler, etc.

Why would Wallace consider us?

He admitted he knew nothing about this team when he got here. Now he knows the team and seemingly wants to be part of it's future.

In other words, Wallace went from a player we didn't have much of a chance at in free agency (or if we did, expect a massive overpay) to a player that I think will stay with us by either picking up his player option on resigning for more years at hopefully a reduced price.

4. We could have gotten a better value/player.

Like who?

Paul Pierce who is 5 years older, making $6m more per year? Other than him, I haven't heard of two many Small Forwards (our biggest need) that were being shopped. Iggy? He's about 50% more costly and IMO not that much better, if at all.

And when we would have traded for this better player?

Draft night we don't have cap space and only have about $9m worth of tradable salaries (Morrow, Petro, Brooks, Jordan Williams).

If it was next off-season, how would that have worked?

They wouldn't have wanted to sign until they knew Deron was staying, Deron wouldn't stay until extra help was brought in, etc. It would have been a vicious cycle and a waiting game.

5. We need to build through the draft and find impact players.

Isn't it all about Brooklyn?

Isn't it all about keeping Deron and putting the most competitive product out on the floor come October? Other than Anthony Davis and maybe MKG or Thomas Robinson who could have made an immediate impact and helped us right away? And by the way, we are only getting those players if we land in the top 3.. which we still can do and keep our pick.

Meanwhile, didn't we find an impact player with the 25th pick? Didn't we find an impact player in the D.League? Didn't we find a rotational player in the 2nd round? I'm thankful we have King to find talents like that.

6. We overpaid.

We can still win the trade can't we?

Portland got a good value (unless we get the pick this year and Portland gets a pick in the 20's next year), but it doesn't mean two teams can't win a trade.


Aren't you glad we got to see Wallace and the impact he can have?

How could we have known he was the leader he is? His effort is contagious and leadership better than Deron's. Wallace more than Deron changed the culture of the team overnight and showed we can not just be competitive, but win games.. like how we are 7-6 in our last 13, and almost beat Miami.

Aren't you glad that we probably have a very good chance of keeping him around?

Because, I don't think he would have given us the time of day this off-season unless we threw massive money his way and begged him.

Aren't you glad we got rid of Shawne Williams who was $3m of dead weight next season?

My overall point is this....

We won't know how this trade truly plays out until July, just like the D.Williams trade. It was calculated risk that could have a massive payoff, or be terribly bad for this franchise. But apparently, the Front Office (with Deron Williams' blessing) thought it was a risk they had to take.

We've been all in on risks for years now, and most everybody has been on board with all of them. From LBJ to Melo to Deron to Dwight. Why, when we are so close to the end, should we give up on those risks and dreams now?

I'm sincerely looking forward to the responses, especially from the harshest critics of the trade, specifically Mr.DB and Elone. Thanks in advance.

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