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Obviously one could say that this opinion is not true and thats definitely possible but I do think the attitude on this site translates to the team and their attitude and how they play and feel.

I believe that the players on this team maybe not all of them but most of them read this forum consistently just like the posters do and I think it has a major affect on them and their play.

During linsanity when people on here were bugging out is it a coincidence that we went on an 8 game losing streak until we stopped linsanity ourselves.

When things were normal before the trade deadline before dwight completely ruined our entire season and possibly set our franchise back, you never heard these comments from Deron, now that things are all depressing over here Deron is acting like it too.

And I think it could have the opposite affect as well if people in the organization are reading this and seeing good things everyone can gain confidence and play better with more confidence.

I have reason to believe they read this forum and react to the way we feel accordingly,

these players want to feel like they have what to play for and they do it is just not evident by the way we act over here. Im not saying not to be negative because obviously this season has been crazy everything that could have possibly gone wrong hit the worst case scenario.

But in the end of the day it is just basketball and it happens to be that we are the only franchise right now that is actually doing something bigger than basketball, we are moving to the most heavily populated borough of New York, the biggest market in the world and its bigger than just the NBA, these players have a chance to usher in a franchise to Brooklyn NY, the first since the dodgers 50 something years ago, that is a huge honor but it is probably hard for them to realize it right now with all the negativity from our fans (which is normal considering how things have gone) and amongst the pathetic nj fans, and media here that won't cover us until we move to BK, all of these factors might cause deron to become slightly shortsighted and not see the potential of bringing a franchise to Brooklyn.

This is not a post to tell everybody to stop the negativity or whatever because that is normal I'm sure if you look at any teams forum outside of the heat, bulls, thunder, lakers or spurs they all probably sound exactly like ours some maybe even worse. I am just bringing to your attention my opinion that it may be possible that all of our talk about being second rate could actually make the players believe that while it is totally untrue, seeing as this is the only team with an opportunity to do something cultural and historic and bigger than just some basketball in the next year.

Again maybe this is totally off and it just seems this way to me because this is the site that I use to follow the team, and maybe we are just a small contingent of fans who talk and read amongst ourselves but it seems to me that our feelings over here are possibly contagious to the rest of the team and organization.

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