DWILL's decision.

There has been a lot of hate towards DWILL on this site (and twitter) and I just wanted to play devils advocate for a second here.

I dont know if Deron has made up his mind yet about next year but if you are him think about this. The Nets are hoping he comes back based on A LOT of "what-ifs."Were asking him to re-sign based on:

-Lopez will have no ill affects from the injury and return to a solid offensive center.

-Wallace will re-sign, be healthy and give us a bunch of solid more years

-Marshon will develop into the possible star some of us think he can be. JWILL will also turn into a solid big man.

-We will be able to re-sign Green and this year wasnt just a flash in the pan for him.

-We will find a way to upgrade the PF position

-Brooklyn will be a better atmosphere with real fans.

Now its possible that almost all of those point are realized. But its also possible that almost none of them are. Nobody knows what this team or franchise will be and that includes DWILL.

Meanwhile, hes watching Rondo play with 3 HOFers. CP3 throwing lobs to Blake Griffin. Westbrook with Durant. The big 3 in Miami. He wants another star and im just not sure he sees that here.

And for all those that say "Dirk is too old" let me remind you that you win in this league with proven, experienced veterans. Not with young kids. Dirk is the star player on a team that is going back to the playoffs like they do every year. Is playing on national TV and is coming off a title. DWILL wants to be in that company. Can the Nets give that to him?

Just asking for your fair and honest thoughts about his decision. Ive read too many things like "DWILL quit on this team..just go run to Dallas." He was unexpectedly traded to a bad team and bad franchise from a great franchise with real fans in Utah. He doesnt owe us anything.

And as a side note. For anyone that bashes him on Twitter for calling out Nets fans or the Prudential Center. I think tonight should be your cue to give that a rest.

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