Ruminations on next year

The Nets never get the right bounce. But, if things fall right in the standings and at the lottery, this is a POSSIBLE outcome after the season. Optimism is the rule of the night.

Ideally, Houston just makes the playoffs, giving us the 15th pick. Also, Stern rigs the lottery (kidding... maybe) so we get the first pick. We select Anthony Davis of course. With the 15th pick, love to take a guy like Kendall Marshall (if Farmar opts out) or another quality PG. Hopefully, this type of draft convinces Deron to resign long-term, and Wallace opts in for another year.

If Wallace/Deron opt in, (for the sake of simplicity) and Farmar opts out, we should be at about 42 million. Lets say Davis, Marshall get combined 8 million (got that number from HoopsHype projection) puts us at 50 mil. Salary cap is currently at 58.5, lets say it gets bumped up to 60 million even. Resign Hump for a slightly longer deal, but less each year. Lets say 3 years, 7 mil in the first year. Gives us 3 mil of cap room that could be used to re-sign Gerald Green. Puts us right up against the cap, but I haven't taken in to account various cap exceptions which frankly go over my head. Just go with it.

Love to see a 12 man roster of:

PG: Deron

SG: Brooks

SF: Wallace

PF: Davis

C: Lopez

I like playing Brooks alongside Deron because it gives him another guy who can handle the ball - that way Deron can get some easy shots playing off the ball. Also, this would allow Deron to devote more energy to defense. I thoroughly believe his defense has dipped this year because he handles the ball every possession. Davis' defense, rebounding and athleticism would mesh well with Brook's more finesse game. Finally, Wallace would be our best perimeter defender, could hit open 3s, and of course would rebound like a madman. Though the trade still very well be a failure, Wallace has been tremendous since coming over. He would be a great addition to any playoff team because he does all the little things, plus he is a tremendous defender and rebounder. Great mentor for young wings like Brooks, Green.

Bench would be Marshall, Morrow, Green, Hump (re-signed to a reasonable deal, but who knows), Jordan Williams and Petro. Gaines (who I think really is a quality bench player) and Damion James round out the 12. Marshall might be offensively limited in the pros, but he has great court vision and made that UNC team go. Green has completely revitalized his game - his dunking gets the highlights, but he has developed in to a quality shooter, and his defense and rebounding have been average to good. Jordan Williams has really come on of late - still makes rookie mistakes but shown an ability and willingness to rebound and defend.

The team still has weaknesses, but is very well balanced, with one legit superstar (Deron), two quality supporting cast (Brook, Wallace) with young guys dripping with potential (Davis, Brooks, Marshall, Green). Also has some nice role guys, like Morrow and Hump. Think that's an easy playoff team in the East. Still not quite on the level of the Heat/Bulls as currently constructed, but baby steps.

This is obviously super optimistic, and when have things ever gone right for the Nets? I do honestly think that Deron likes the franchise, likes the move to Brooklyn, and likes most of the teammates. But the losing clearly is killing him and if, lets say, the team loses their pick to Portland, I wouldn't be surprised if he opts out. All going to come down to that lottery. If we lose the pick, wouldn't be surprised if Deron and Wallace both opt out. Add if Houston misses the playoffs and we're up a creek. But I was feeling optimistic tonight so I figured I'd put this down.

Now go ahead, tell me all the ways I am wrong.

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