Who would rent Dwight?

After thinking this through, there are a very narrow subset of people who would rent Dwight. In my mind there is only three possible scenarios:

1. A team that wants to contend this year and then wants to blow up the team. Why would this happen?
- They'd be willing to swap a semi-star for a super-star in the hopes that it would put them over the hump for one run at a championship

2. A team that wants to rebuild by doing a "salary dump" of their star, but doesn't think they can get anything on the market. Why would this happen?
- You have an overpaid star and so no one wants to take on the contract. Orlando does because they still want to compete and has false hopes this will lead to something special. The team with the star traded to Orlando really just wants to dump salary and start over

3. A team that THINKS they can convince Dwight to stay

And here are the teams:

Boston - Falls into #1. Very unlikely, but they could theoretically swap a Pierce or Rondo for Dwight. Orlando get's their "semi-star" and Boston makes one final run before blowing up the team. If Pierce is the one traded, even better because by the time they rebuild anyway he'll be old

New York - Falls into #3. New York trades 2 pieces for Dwight and hopes he stays. Again, very unlikely and a huge gamble. But there is a non-zero chance that Dwight wouldn't mind being on the Knicks. In this scenario they'd probably have to get Dwight to say he'll re-sign so they'd have their work cutout to convince him before doing this.

Chicago - Falls into #3. Hey--- if they get Dwight and win it all then he might stay. If they lose a few pieces for Dwight, and he walks they're still under the cap and can get other players in the off-season to fill in. Issue is whether Orlando would take only 2 players from Chicago as Chicago wouldn't want to handicap themselves with Hedo, etc.

Hawks - Falls into #2. No one wants Joe Johnson's contract. He's a semi-star that's overpaid. Maybe Orlando wants him though? The Hawks need to shed his contract to re-build and this is the perfect way to do it. Orlando might bite

Houston - I put this in here because of the rumors. Unless no one wants Luis Scola's contract except Orlando which seems like it isn't the case, this makes no sense. They can get more for their pieces from other teams than for 20wks of Dwight. Dwight won't give them a championship so why would they even do this.

Oklahoma City - Falls into #3. Dwight might push them over the hump for the championship. Then all bets are off on whether he stays.

Golden State - Put in here because of the rumors. This makes no sense. GS is not convincing Dwight to stay. They can also get more on the market for Monta than 20wks of Dwight so why would they do that swap. They would also not be competing even with Dwight this year so you're not making a run.

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