What I Hope To See In Brooklyn!

So obviously this post is considering we get Dwight and keep Deron all in Free agency. But let me first discuss the players I hope the NETS can pick up with there draft picks this year.

Lottery Pick-

If he comes out my first choice would be MKG from Kentucky.

-Long,quick and super athletic small forward who just needs to work out his offensive game

But since he might not come out of college I want Thomas Robinson from Kansas to play PF(I'll explain why Hump probably wont be here next year)

Houston Pick- Now let me say I have become when of the biggest Houston fans this year because I want that pick of course if it is traded then I wouldn't care anymore.

In order of preference:Quincy Miller, John Henson, Terrence Jones.

Quincy Miller would provide some bench scoring when the second unit comes in.

John Henson has superior defense and rebounding skills and is still learning the offensive game with his height since he grew about 6 inches in his senior of high school and used to be a guard.

Terrence Jones is an all around player but I would prefer the other two before him.

Players who we will most likely not have next year!

Kris Humphries- Now like most of you I'm a big Kris Humphries fan but he is playing so well this year he is going to demand a contract that would kill our cap. This year he is making 8 million a year and he is going to demand around 9-10 million. Now that kind of money deserves to go to one of our stars that will do more than just grab boards and get put back points. Especially with Dwight in the middle you know D12 is going to grab all those rebounds. If he signs for 5-7 Million for multi-years that would be fine with me because he is a good player.

Brook Lopez- Now i'm also a big Lopez fan because he has been good to us these years he's been here. Unfortunately I don't think its going to work out. People on here talk about the Twin Tower comparison and the only true comparison is that they are tall like the Twin Towers. If we pushed Brook Lopez to PF he would be out of position. It would be great for offense but for defensive purposes this would kill us. In todays game the PF's are took quick and took strong they would leave Lopez on a pump fake on the wing and drive to the hall and the only person there would be Dwight.(FOUL TROUBLE) So I send him in a trade I'll discuss later.

Jordan Farmer- Is a good backup point guard but he has a had a good season and could possible demand more money in the open market. Also this is just wishful thinking because I want his contract off the books.

Free Agents

Gerald Wallace for about 10 million(about the same he is making right now)

Jason Kidd- Veterans Minimum(Still can give 8-10 minutes we don't need him to score just get assists)

Stephen Jackson- This of course is after he gets amnestied from the Bucks

Kevin Garnett- Mid-Level Exception(Leadership for Defense and the young ones) Still can give good minutes

Johnny Flynn- Safety point guard who can come in and score but not much else

Shelden Williams- Plays Hard every night and will do what we ask

Gerald Green- Has a high reward and I just want to see more alley-oppss with a nets jersey on.


The one trade I would do is sending Lopez to Atlanta with a future first round pick for Josh Smith. This has been discussed before on this site and I agree with it. Josh Smith wants to be in Brooklyn he has already stated and he is just an all around player. OO yeah he is also great friends with D12.

Starting Lineup Going Into Brooklyn!

Deron Williams Jason Kidd Johnny Flynn

Marshon Brooks Anthony Morrow Gerald Green

Josh Smith Gerald Wallace Stephen Jackson

Thomas Robinson Quincy Miller Kevin Garnett Jordan Williams

Dwight Howard Shelden Williams

If we want to go the Miami Heat rout then we can overpay for players and get in a position where we are changing our team every year. But we are trying to build DYNASTY to take over the knicks and it starts by not panicking and sending everything to the MAGIC.

This is what I think does anybody agree with me?

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