Why I don't want Dwight......

Through a trade

Since the beginning of this season we've all been hounded with the expectation of Dwight through a trade. I myself have been visiting this Blog/Forum/Journal of based god daily with anticipation of the arrival of D-12.

But over the past few weeks my opinion has changed and I'd rather see us get Dwight during the off-season. In the beginning of this saga there were three teams in the Dwight sweepstakes but now one of those teams LA has suddenly dropped out of the running out because Dwight won't resign with them.

That puts us and Dallas as the front runners. Dallas has no way of unloading all their bad contracts (haywood, carter, odom, marion) and even if they were to unload at least three contracts they wouldn't be able to sign both dwight and d-will to max contracts.

The only argument is that the city of dallas has no income tax but when you weigh the possibilities sponsorship deals ny has to offer vs dallas, New York comes out on top with flying colors. Also Dwight's ambition to "go Hollywood" can be fulfilled in the NY metropolitan area.

And if Dwight is signed in the off season it enables us to keep our pieces intact in order to trade for pieces to assemble a complete team instead of a shadow of one.

Now my DREAM scenario IF everything fell into our lap

howard goes to gs…they dont make the playoffs bc Huston gets one win more than them and orlando fans esp our frenemies at OPP get appeased with something

we barely miss the playoffs after a strong run and end up in the lottery

somehow david stern rigs the lottery and we earn the first pick

morrow + petro to minn for drako millic and a future first rounder

with the first pick we pick we get anthony davis and Huston pick to get kendall marshall

howard and deron sign

we give brook a 8 figure salary then trade him + second rdr for josh smith

use stretch on swill

sign ray allen and kevin garnett to mid level/vet min or w/e


PG D-will/ Kendall Marshall/Gaines
SG Ray Allen/Brooks/D-leaguer smith
SF J Smoove/James/Stevenson?
PF Garnett/ A.davis/ Jwill
C Dwight/Millic/D- leaguer Foote

Lastly why wouldn't he come to the nets if he signed with us I'm pretty sure Jay-z would sign his fiancee to a record deal...his chicks youtube page below..

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