Game 53: New Jersey Nets at Golden State Warriors

Well, they couldn't beat a team coming off of a 4 OT loss the night before (Utah), but they turn around and beat up a team coming off a great win vs. Miami (Indiana). Funny how the NBA works. With that being said, the Nets begin a West Coast swing starting tonight vs. the Warriors. The Warriors have been better than the Nets this year (though that's not really saying much), but they're nowhere near the playoffs so they're just like us.

How do these teams stack up? Let's find out:

Offensive Efficiency

Defensive Efficiency

Free Throw rate

Turnover rate

Offensive Rebounding %

Effective Field Goal %

Opponent eFG%

New Jersey








Golden State








League Average








The story hasn't really changed much for the Nets. They're still the worst defense in the league and the offense is below average. You combine those two things with a team that's bottom 5 in defensive rebounding and you've got yourself a catastrophe.

G-State's story is similar to Jersey's, the only difference being that their offense is more productive. Their defense is still putrid (which I'll mention later) and they're the worst rebounding team in the NBA. And much like New Jersey, the Warriors have a catastrophe on their hands.

Last time I saw you

And before we jump into stuff, let's head back to 1991 and some Run TMC goodness.

Tip-off is at 10:30. Jump for the matchups.

Point Guard: Deron Williams vs. Nate Robinson

Gasp! Williams had an efficient game!! The exclamation points are needed because I was seriously starting to wonder where the hell Williams's game had disappeared to. Against a good defensive team in Indiana, Williams was a very smooth 11-19 (4 threes) with 9 assists and 1 turnover. He should be able to do some work vs. the Warriors, so it's a good bet to assume he'll have another good game.

Stephen Curry's injured so in steps Krypto-Nate at point. I was about to make a wise crack about Curry always being hurt, but he has played 80 & 74 games in his first two seasons, which is impressive. It's a shame too since he was having his best season before he went down. Pairing him with Bogut next year should help G-State's chances of having a good season. I'd like to think that Nate doesn't do foolish things like taunt a team while he's down 30 points, shooting at the wrong basket and


these days. And as it turns out, his play has been league average this year.

Advantage: Nets

Shooting guard: MarShon Brooks vs. Klay Thompson

Speaking of guys finally having good games, Brooks broke out of his slump vs. the Pacers. He had an efficient 17 points, and he also chipped in with 4 boards and 3 assists. The slump was a bit of a concern, but he's had a decent rookie season all things considered.

I had no idea Klay was the son of former Laker Mychal Thompson. The more you know. Thompson has been starting since the Warriors shipped Monta Ellis to Milwaukee at the deadline. The rookie is primarily a jump shooter (most of his shots come from 16-23 feet and 3 point land), but he's been OK shooting this year (.543 TS%). He's a piece the Warriors can build around.

Advantage: Even

Small Forward: Gerald Wallace vs. Dorell Wright

It's been good game, bad game so far with Wallace. But 6 boards, 5 assists, 3 steals and containing Danny Granger certainly makes up for a 4-15 night. The one thing you can take from his 4-25 is that he really should stop shooting deep jumpers in general. Yeah, he's not as athletic as he was a few years ago, but the threes and 20 feet jumpers can go away.

I remember when the Nets missed on LeBron a few years ago, one person here was begging the Nets to sign Wright. And what did the Nets do? Trolled her and gave Travis Outlaw more money and years than his play ever warranted. And while Outlaw was a black hole here, Wright was playing acceptable ball and at a low cost too. Wright is a gunner from deep (7th in attempts) and he shoots them at a good clip (37%). The overall FG% doesn't look pretty (41%), but with a player like him, you have to take into account the fact that he takes a lot of threes, and because of that (& in general), we look at True Shooting % and Effective Field Goal % to get a better picture of how a player shoots/ Why didn't the Nets sign him?

Advantage: Even

Power Forward: Kris Humphries vs. David Lee

Humphries essentially played David West to a draw on Wednesday, which is impressive. He's gonna have a tougher task this game, as Lee is way more active on the court than West is at this point in his career.

It seems as if Lee always gets tagged with the "stat padder on a bad team" line. And while his teams have sucked, it's not his fault. Lee's always been efficient, a willing and capable passer, and all over the glass. Is he a lockdown defender? Nope, but he's still a hell of a player.

Advantage: Warriors

Center: Johan Petro vs. Jeremy Tyler

Shelden Williams didn't join the team on the trip, Jordan WIlliams suffered a mild concussion and probably shouldn't play, so that leaves Johan Petro. I would say something about how awful Petro is, but you could just look at any NetsDaily comment that mentions Petro and that'll tell you all you need to know.

Andres Biedrins was the starter, but he's out so in steps the rookie Tyler. He's only played 25 games, but he's tall, can rebound, and doesn't cost as much money as Biedrins.

Advantage: Warriors


New Jersey: Gerald Green, Anthony Morrow, Sundiata Gaines, Dennis Horner, Jerry Smith

Golden State: Brandon Rush, Richard Jefferson, Dominic McGuire, Charles Jenkins, Mickell Gladness

Advantage: New Jersey


Hand down, man down! Maybe Mark can say that some more.

Why is Biedrins still on G-State?

If the Warriors are gonna tank, at least they've got their draft pick.

Why didn't the Warriors amnesty Biedrins when they had the chance?

I actually loved that Ellis-Bogut trade. I think Ellis is awful and getting anything useful back in return was a steal. The fact that Bogut has been productive when healthy should help the Warriors as they try to do something positive going forward.

I still think Bill Simmons is a hack, but this was a good read

Journey through the dark side: Golden State Of Mind

The mothership: Nets vs Warriors coverage

P.S.: Check out this wonderful advanced metrics primer at GSOM. Definitely worth the read.

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