Alternate Plan

Want to win a championship next year? It's not happening if we trade for Dwight, we would lose too many assets, it might happen eventually but not next year. If we sign him in the off season the chances are greater but the Nets would still have a big hole at SF. So the past two weeks i've been kicking around an idea, one that was reinforced friday night. What if the Nets forget about Dwight Howard, or so as no to offend all of you out there who sleep with a Dwight picture under thier pillow, lets say Dwight informs the world he is going to resign with Orlando. What would be the Nets Plan B?

We already have a great center in Lopez so I Would think it would be to get the best availabe SF out there. Beasley and Wallace come to mind but i don't thing they would be enough to keep Deron happy, so who? The next names that come to mind are Granger, Iguodala or Young, the problem with those names is that they would probably cost too much in terms of players and since both those teams are going to be in the playoffs they are not going to be intersted in trading them for draft picks. So Whos left?

Paul Pierce. At first it sounds crazy, hes old, he gets paid alot of money. It doesn't sound like a good fit. But take a look at his stats hes avg 17 pts 5 reb and 5 assts. hes still a very good player and most likely has at least 3 more years left of good value, put him on a team where he doesn't have to be the main guy and his value is even higher. What would the Nets have to give up to get him? maybe Houstons pick, Farmar and Okur(for salary reasons) maybe they want James, I think i might even give them our draft pick this year. I'm sure something can be worked out that will leave both sides happy.

Whats next? The Nets would still need a stong inside precense who can play good D and still give us some offense, while Brook or Hump are resting. and would you believe it there is such a player available in FA! Kevin Garnett. He could play 20 -25 minutes a night and provide some great defense off the bench.(because of his age he would be more effective with less minutes) So where does that leave us?






that looks like a championship team to me! I would make this our plan A but i know most of you are still obsessed with Dwight, still how does it sound for a plan b?

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