Dwight Howard: "So misunderstood, but what’s a world without enigma?"

Dwight Howard: “So misunderstood, but what’s a world without enigma?”

I remember it like it was yesterday, waking up on a late September morning in 2009 and reading an article by the Associated Press saying Prokhorov, a 44-year-old Russian billionaire and former amateur basketball player, was set to acquire 80 percent of the New Jersey Nets. Of course, by that time I knew very little of this man but I was excited, nonetheless. Knowing that the team will be going a different direction, than when ran by the constantly cost cutting moiso, that we know as Bruce Ratner. But even then little did I know the journey they were set to put me on.

I could continue to ramble on from that date to now and get you caught with the LeBron pursuit, the Melodrama, and the fantastic Deron Williams trade. But this is a nets forum and I’m sure you know all about that.

So let’s discuss the 2012 New Jersey Nets.

* We have one of the best point guards in the league and a top 10 player in Deron Williams.

* We have a greatly talented center that can score at will but doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of rebounding and defense.

* We have a bunch of rookies or expandable role players that can be traded at anytime and perfect for the NBA salary cap.

* Oh, and did I mention we’re going after this guy called Dwight Howard, top 5 player in the league, and trying to pair him with his best buddy fellow superstar Deron Williams in Brooklyn?

So now the hard part; how exactly do we get Dwight Howard to Brooklyn? Because from what I hear he can really ball.

In order to do so we must look at the teams that is in the mix.

First the LA Lakers and Dallas Mavericks:

I put them in the same category because they are very similar.

* Both have ageing superstars who are future hall of famers and NBA champions.

* Lack of talent to compete with the upper echelon of teams but still very good.

* And both won’t be getting Dwight Howard. Why? Let me explain.


In order for the Lakers to get him they MUST trade for him with salary cap issues. So now how will they get Dwight via trade? Well, reportedly the Magic want nothing less than Gasol and Bynum; but the Lakers refuse to do. Okay, so how about if the Lakers cave and give them both up for Dwight? Well, reports have now come out saying Dwight refuses to sign with LAL long-term because of the comparisons with Shaq and playing second fiddle to Kobe. Well, if Dwight refuses to sign long term with Lakers than that puts them out of all discussions because by power of logic the Lakers won’t trade their future for a few weeks of Dwight.


Okay, so that’s all good and dandy but how about that guy in Dallas by the name of Mark Cuban? He sounds like a moiso. Well that’s because he is, but I digress.

The only way Dallas can get Dwight Howard is by free agency due to their lack of assets etc. But how about if the Magic trade Dwight than Dallas won’t even have a chance to get him! Well…yeah! That’s why if you’re Billy King you would jump at any trade involving Dwight coming to the Nets because it take all the competition out of the running.

But what if he goes to free agency won’t the appeal of playing with Dirk and maybe even Deron Williams sound appealing? Well of course it does, but that would handicap Dallas from signing surrounding talent, Dwight will once again be second fiddle this time to Dirk, and oh yeah, Deron might not like losing millions of dollars. But you’re right that’s a huge threat how can Billy King counter that proposal?

The sweet sound of Brooklyn, playing with a slightly richer Deron Williams and a young and upcoming core of Brook Lopez, MarShon Brook, among other very valuable assets sound just a tad better. Not to mention all that sponsor money playing in the greatest city in the world and being on the face of millions of billboards. So yeah by all indications, Brooklyn > Dallas, when it comes to Dwight Howard.

The Orlando Magic:

Okay, but Dwight keeps trying to be a nice guy how about if he stays with Orlando.

Dwight loves that city. But by all indication, he has requested a trade since December and hasn’t backed off yet. Also, he wants a bigger market to make that moolah and Orlando just doesn’t fit that criteria. Sorry Magic fans. It’s the truth. HE WANTS OUT.

Now the New Jersey Nets:

So by process of elimination Dwight is bound to end up here. But how? Trade or free agency?

That all depends; my friends, on Orlando’s level of incompetence, when it comes to decision making. The obvious plan should be to dump Hedo and Duhon to the Nets and try to pick up first round picks along with Lopez and Brooks. But as history has indicated the Magic can make some foolish mistakes (see Shaq).

I do, unfortunately, think Orlando will wait until the last possible second to deal Dwight as they attempt to exercise every possible scenario to appease him. They are bound to fail and lose him some way, some how; Dwight doesn’t want to be there and everyone but Orlando has come to that understanding.

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