Nets/Jazz Game Observations (Conversation with Brett Yormark)

First of all I would like to thank YES Network Producer Frank DiGraci for paying for the Ian Eagle and Mike Fratello giant heads and giving us great seats. Here are some notable things that happened throughout my time at Prudential.

1.) Before the game we saw Brett Yormark walking by. He stopped and talked to us for a while. Here is a summary of what he said.

Me: Did you hint the logo in that 35 years commercial?

Brett: No, but I know what commercial you’re talking about, but I swear to god nothing’s in there.

Me: Are the colors going to be Black and Red?

Brett: No, where’d you hear that?

Me: Netsdaily, you ever go on?

Brett: Of course I do.

Me: When will the logo be unveiled?

Brett: Late April, it’s being finalized right now.

Me: Are the colors anything like any other NBA team?

Brett: I don’t think so. What are the colors of Brooklyn?

When he said "What are the colors of Brooklyn?" he said that walking away with a smile. The official colors of Brooklyn are Blue and Gold.

2.) I met Gerald Wallace and took a picture with him. He is very quiet and didn’t say a word to anyone.

3.) I don’t know if anyone saw but my little brother and I were on T.V. with the Giant Fratello and Ian sign’s. After holding them during a commercial, an usher said I had to take it down because it was over the 17 inch mark. First of all, there was no one behind us for 10 rows, and second of all, I had permission from the Producer of the YES Network to hold it up during that time. The ushers at Prudential are very rude. With a minute left in the game I told my little brother to go down by the Nets’ bench and try to get someone arm band or hand band and the lady sent him back. Everyone was leaving and I didn’t see why that was a problem.

4.) I saw a guy that looked like he could be Deron Williams dad and I asked him "Who are you? I see you all the time?" He replied "I’m Deron’s Father" It ended up being Robert Masiello, Director of Team Security.

5.) A security guard before the game overheard me talking about Deron staying or not, he said "He's Gone". I don't know if he said this becuase he knows something or if he just thinks he's gone.

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