Thinking About the Off-Season and Moves to Make

I'll admit I've given up on this season, so naturally I'm thinking about next.

I already wrote a post about a coaching change, but this is going to focus on personnel.

First off, I don't think we are getting a pick this year. If we do, that changes things some, but I'm doing this under the impression we do not get a top 3 pick.

1. Draft night

Make a move then to show Deron we are improving the team all the time and soon as we can.

Morrow, Farmar, Petro, Brooks (Houston #1 if needed) for Paul Pierce.

I think this works financially if Farmar picks up his player option, or if we can trade him that night. Pierce would be our starting SG and we'd have one of the best perimeter rotations with him, Deron and G.Wallace. He also might be able to lure KG into the fold. Boston may do this as they continue their rebuild. They need players and perhaps they regret trading Brooks our way.

2. Free Agency

Re-sign everyone. Deron, G.Wallace (if he opts out), G.Green, Hump, Shelden and Lopez. The days of hoarding cap space are over. Let's load up on players and contracts (hopefully reasonable ones) D.Will gets a 5 year max, Wallace hopefully a sensible deal (ideally he opts in), Humphries something like 4/30, Lopez something like 4/50.

With the MLE we target KG

With the LLE we get more depth

Bring Kidd back as he said he wanted to back-up Deron, wherever that may be

For wing depth look at familiar faces like Bogans or Stevenson

3. Buy out Bogdanovic's contract

And get him over here if possible. If not look for another gem in the D.League

2012-2013 Brooklyn Nets

Deron Williams / Jason Kidd / Jerry Smith

Paul Pierce / LLE / Stevenson or Bogans

Gerald Wallace / Gerald Green / Bojan Bogdanovic

Kevin Garnett / Kris Humphries / Jordan Williams

Brook Lopez / Shelden Williams / Miami #2

The #2 may not make the team and if Jeff Foote is around maybe look at him, or simply keep the roster spot open.

I think the team above would be an instant contender in the East. We'd have no cap flexibility, but if we hand out smart contracts we will keep our options open.

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