Only a Big Name Coach Could Keep Us Relevant in Brooklyn

Now that we are all but of assured of going into Brooklyn Dwight-less and barring a draft day or off-season miracle trade we should be star-less as well (or at best Deron and not another big name player with him), we are back to being irrelevant.

Short of us drafting Anthony Davis, I don't see any reason for the fans to be excited for a roster similar to this one going into Brooklyn. Yes, we can still tweak the team, but our best asset (our #1) was traded, and I don't see the remaining pieces (Brooks, the Houston #1, soon to be expirers like Morrow, Farmar, Petro) netting us major return. (I'm leaving Lopez out because of his RFA status)

However, there is one more way to get a big name on the court, or rather the sidelines, at that is a coaching hire.

As much, as I've wanted to give Avery time to work with a real squad, I see little evidence to show he is capable of motivating this team (thus historically bad defense) or come up with a functional offense.

Something more has to give. We can keep changing players until we are blue in the face, but after a while the turnover is overkill. We need to make an quicker and more drastic change that could have an even greater impact than pretty much any player we could sign or trade for given our situation.

We also need a name to market and stay relevant going into Brooklyn. Right now, we're not going to take over anything in Brooklyn. We'll be lucky to take over the crowd for home games and have them root for us, and not the Clippers or Wolves. Right now, there is no way we will have more crowd support for the Nets than the Knicks at the Barclays.

But, I can see one thing changing all that...

Prokhorov opening up his wallet and throwing a HUGE offer at one of the following coaches:

Phil Jackson - Phil Jackson is one of the Greatest of All Time.. but probably not considered the GOAT coach (like Auerbach or Wooden) for one reason, and one reason only.. he only won with the very best players of their respective eras (MJ, Pippen, Kobe, Shaq). He never led a rebuild and never won without the true elites. It's not to see he couldn't be never did. We don't know. I doubt he would want to end his career with a perhaps failed attempt in Brooklyn, but it would be potentially the riskiest move ever that could cement him as the GOAT coach. It would take Tens of Millions to get him to considered it, but the buzz around this would be electric.

Jeff Van Gundy - A coach with a great resume, but more importantly a NY connection. He's done his broadcasting gig for some time, perhaps he's ready to come back to coaching and NYC? He's also a great defensive coach and a great basketball mind in general. The rivalry with Orlando would be intense as we matched up against his brother and Dwight.

Coach K - It would take an insane amount of money for him to consider it, but perhaps he has a good relationship with Deron from the Olympics and could be intrigued by this. A well respected coach and arguably the most famous one in all of basketball right now.

Maybe these are all pipe dreams.

Maybe these are all too simplistic ideas.

Maybe these are too gimicky.

I don't know.

All, I know is that this team went from having a huge amount of promise and buzz, to being ... the Nets again.

I'm just looking for regain that buzz.

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