Hornets/Nets Recap

This was the first home nets game i have been to in about 4 years and was my first time at the prudential center. I sat four rows back I made many observations while watching the game.

- the atmosphere in the arena is pathetic. It's not that there weren't that many people there, it was just that there are very few REAL fans. There are many casual fans. I screamed the entire game rooting my team on and lost my voice in the second quarter but i still continued. I was by far the loudest of everyone near me. Also, everyone around me looked at me like i was weird. ITS A BASKETBALL GAME. ROOT FOR YOUR TEAM. i tried starting chants for players but no one got into it, they just stared at me. Also, no one knew the nicknames crash and swag which made me angry.

- the reason we lost was our defense. The ball was actually moved pretty well besides in the fourth quarter when all we ran was isos. Crash played VERY WELL on defense. He hustles on both ends of the floor. Everyone else has no idea where to rotate and swag and ammo are liabilities. The amount of open shots the hornets got was inexcusable.

- petro sucks

- we would be a very good team if we knew how to play defense and ran the floor. If we became a run and gun team we could be unstoppable with deron and green and wallace on the wings. I blame the defense on avery and he should be fired.

- crash feeds off the crowd. did not have his shot today but i just love his mentality playing the game. He's a smart player who hustles, plays all star defense, and runs the floor.

- deron had a bad game and many people want to blame him for the loss. We should have never been in that situation. If we played any defense we would have won by 15. Also if deron was not shooting well, why did he have so many isos at the end of the game. MOVE THE BALL. He is also coming back from a calf injury. Legs are vital when shooting.

- hump gets a good amount of blocks but still cannot play defense. Does not rotate.

- shelden has no skill at all but he works hard and does what he can

- i dont know if this fatigue thing is true, but green needs to play 35+ minutes. Right now he is a machine.

- ammo is a very streaky shooter

- jerry smith is trying to prove himself and is trying to hard. The ball moves well when he is on the floor so i will easily take him over gaines.

- this is only one game but deron staying imo is a toss up at this point. I just have no idea

- we need a coach who can coach defense. offense will take care of itself as long as we are all passing the ball


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