Current Situation

While everything that happened yesterday was obviously upsetting and did not go as planned, now that the dust has settled it is impotent to look at our situation again.

Fist of all and most importantly this industry is the entertainment industry and the management of our team does everything they do for US the fans Billy King, Avery Johnson, Mikhail Prokhorov, and even Jay-Z are the real ones putting their names out their for people to hate on when things do not go as planned not us they are the ones that get scrutinized and they do this for US, a fan base that doesn't give as much support as other fan bases do.

Secondly, I am sick of hearing about firing Avery and Billy and all of this nonsense, one would think the fans of this area could have learned from the giants (and I'm a jets fan) not to jump off board and that the way to be successful is to make a business model that you believe in and follow it through until the end that is how success is achieved in any type of industry, one cannot waiver when the going gets tough and stick to the initial plan, which is clearly what Billy King, Prokhorov and the rest of management was doing.

This organization handles everything they go through with class, grit, and integrity and even in the disappointment of yesterday it is not hard to see that and I can honestly say that my confidence and more importantly pride in nets management is as strong as its ever been they have shrewd, classy businessmen running the show. When we missed out on 2010 free agents Prokhorovs put out a classy email regarding the heats free agency instead of ripping them like everyone else, and Billy King is always classy, hearing him defend Carmelo Anthony on the radio and watching him do quick efficient work with the back up trades in the last two years that got us deron and gerald wallace. As a student of business and a fan and somewhat student of the game of basketball I am very proud of our organization and management and when clearer heads prevail I think the majority of you guys will be too.

Another point I would like to make is that everybody goes through scrutiny trying to win championships people are still not convinced that Lebron can win a championship and he is the biggest star our league has to offer and you are all so upset that we aren't yet a championship contender just two years after having 12 wins. Has everyone forgotten the early 2000's when people said "you cannot win with dirk nowitzki" "cuban is a loudmouth that cannot win" or even a couple months ago "fire coughlin" "giants need to clean house", anybody wonder if that would have been the right move now?

Also, this team which was taken over by new management as a laughing stock is really an entertaining decent team now, on paper if people want to say the knicks are great than they must also think the nets are not bad either because they have similar situations,

star player -Deron-Melo

former all star that still plays at a high level amare-wallace

gritty big man that plays with heart humphries-tyson

young player to grow with Marshon- jeremy lin

knockdown shooter morrow-novack

exciting young player/dunker gerald green-shumpert

Now everybody may not agree with these comparisons but I don't think they are too off and the point here is not too compare the nets and the knicks but to ask you as a fan base two years after 12 wins and being screwed by thorn and everything that comes with being a laughing stock are you really pest being in the same category as the knicks just because our valiant effort to become like the heat was shot down for now, give me a break this is not overhand we keep making good moves that forward our franchise instead of taking one step forward and 4 backwards which would happen if we lost deron and relied on draft picks we basically are taking baby steps forward while at the same time trying to jump forward when possible.

We were made out to look like the bas guys trying to steal away the kid from the small market team and woo him with money and fame, but in reality we were trying to build a winner more than anything the same way every good franchise trys to work notice how i didn't say every franchise because not every franchise is committed to winning but our front office is.

To end this off I want our fans to feel great right now we are a relevant franchise that spends plenty of time being spoken about on tv which every one here seems to love and regardless of dwight coming or not its obvious that players in the league are now very much aware and enticed by our move to brooklyn. We need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and act with class and perseverance just like our front office does while they are taking major heat even while making positive moves. And we need to encourage our players who battle on the court for us even though we don't show to games they act as the ultimate professionals playing hard for a fan base that doesn't support them.

Let's not hang the shadow of dwight over our players heads and instead cheer for those players and COACH (avery signed on with us when other coaches did not want to and all we do is hate him for overachieving with the bad hand he was dealt) who CHOSE US even after a 12 win year

farmar , morrow, hump, petro, stevenson, and even the players who didn't sign as FA and play hard for US the fans because that is what this is all about we don't take heat and criticism on tv they do, and they do it for our entertainment the least we could do is support them trying to rep us hard every night.

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