SO the DWIGHTMARE IS NOW OVER. But we are still going to BROOKLYN. We can still have a very good championship caliber team. That just won't be a "SUPERTEAM". We can get it done. While we missed on DWIGHT. Expectations will be lower without him which I believe will create a better environment going in.

THIS is my first fanpost after being here for a few seasons. So be gentle.

That being said Symetry is in place. It starts with Deron just opting in fairly quickly without the hoopla and flirting with Dallas. The sooner he does that the better chance we have at landing very good free agents.

With Deron signed up for at least a year. We then Re-Sign Brook to a friendly DEAL given his rebounding woes and recent injury history he should be cheaper.

We then go after Kevin Garnett. While not what he once was. He is a first ballot hall of famer who will be able to provide the glorious 14 and 8 some of us were willing to give NENE Max money for. I'm hoping a reasonable deal around 7 mil per gets that done(2 year max) . Production along with Leadership, intensity and a guy who anchored a championship defense js just what we need. I expect him to toughen up BROOK in a Big Brother way that Brook really needs. I then EXPECT 22/9/2 from Brook and his first ALL star selection.

NEXT we go the same route and bring back JASON KiDD. We open our new ARENA with two first ballot hall of famers with Championship rings. KIDD expressed interest in the move and would be a great backup to Deron provide more leadership and also mentor MarShon. ALSO allowing Kidd the one player most responsible for the possibility of BROOKLYN to be on hand opening NIGHT would be AWESOME. 10-15 minutes a nite on the cheap would work.

With Wallace now in place at SF we sign GERALD GREEN for 2 years 5 MIL. And maybe bring over Bogdanovic. Then make an effort to retain HUMP. HUMP would still get 30 minutes a night and provide insurance for Kg and BROOK in case either gets hurt. I'm not sure what his Market will be but maybe he stays at a discount.

then why not a flier on GREG ODEN? This has Sam Bowie written all over him. He NEEDS to get out of Portland and we need to keep him away from MIAMI. Maybe Oden gets healthy with us In BROOKLYN and makes us forget Petro.

FULLY HEALTHY THIS ROSTER IS A THREE SEED THEY WILL PLAY HARD, SMART, TOUGH and will be the best team DWiLL has ever been on. A great blend of guys in thier prime, young guys and HALL of fame vets.


DWIGHT will publicly beg and plead to get here next year at this time. And no waffling either.

I may be overly optomistic but i had to do something with a sleepless night.

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