The last 3 years have been a disaster.

All this losing for the past 2 YEARS has been completely pointless. Means to an end that never happened. We gave away this years lotto pick for a damn free agent expiring contract. We gave away last years for Deron Williams, who has basically been disgruntled the whole time he’s been here. Giving away this year’s lotto pick is inexcusable. Gerald Wallace is not putting the nets over the hump to go on a huge playoff run this year. It’s simply not happening.

- lebron failure

-melo failure
-trade for deron williams for 1 and a half seasons, he’s completely blindsided and not happy.

-alienate the only good player that’s been drafted by the nets this decade by constantly dangling him to ORL in a very public manner
-billy king acting like a buffoon on twitter, re tweeting things regarding dwight. probably worse than what CDR and terrence williams did on twitter
-whiff on Dwight, trade a king’s ransom for 29 year old gerald wallace, who has already said he’s opting out for more years. could’ve simply signed him in 4 months and kept the pick. BK really got bent over on this one and there’s no 2 ways about it.


-cut cap for lebron in 2015? don’t be surprised.

all this team is good at is getting the media riled up, and holding cap space for people who never put on a nets jersey. look at cleveland. they got another 1st rounder today. they will be good in 2 years. meanwhile in NJ, the nets are giving away lottery picks for declining players on expiring contracts. please don’t try to tell me there’s no right way to rebuild, the draft is a crapshoot, etc. the nets have been rebuilding the WRONG way for 5 years. time to try a new strategy proko and company. your shooting for the stars crap just doesn’t work. players won’t come here until you actually win some games. and if you are gonna suck year in year out, don’t give away the picks.

can't even be mad at Deron for leaving this summer. if the nets were gonna make a panic trade this morning, it should've been shipping him off to Dallas for roddy B and some picks. Nets need some serious changes in the front office and their mentality in how to build a winning team. capspace never won games for anybody.

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