Dwight Howard Conspiracy theory

Could there be more than meets the eye to this Gerald Wallace trade?

Before everyone jumps on my back and goes mental please bare with me here.

So the reported trade in December was something like Wallace, Lopez and picks for Howard which was approved then denied by Orlando ownership. Its been revealed that if Howard didnt opt into his contract for next season Orlando were ready to deal Howard for Lopez + Wallace plus picks.

Now we all know the background to the Howard deal and how Woj reported he wanted to walk to Brooklyn to preserve the assets of the Nets of which he wanted to join. But also the fact is Howard wasnt interested in missing the playoffs this season and moving to New Jersey, he wanted Brooklyn.

We know Orlando upon hearing Howard's plans to bolt wanted to get a decision from Howard if he was staying or leaving and they called him out on it. Howard wants to lead Orlando to a title, I have no doubt in that but maybe he agreed to opt in and Orlando agree to it to let Howard play out this season and give it one last go with the Magic with a view to being traded to the Nets in the summer with a wink wink agreement.

Think about it, it's a win win, Orlando dont let Howard walk out on them, Howard gets to give it another run at a title with the Magic and at the end of the season Orlando get back assets for Howard who isn't seen as so much of a bad guy anymore and the Magic don't lose Howard like they did Shaq.

There is zero reason for Howard opting into his final year, he loses out financially and the Magic only keep him for another year currently. If he was truly committed to staying with Orlando he wouldve held a press conference and instead of opting into his final year he would've declared he was opting out and resigning for the max 5 year deal with 7.5% increases.

Does no-one else believe it's strange and fishy what has went on, it just doesnt add up. Also Fegan hasn't been fired, so he still is the man if any deals are happening and you better believe King is informed about what is going on between Williams, Fegan and Howard.

I know this is complete speculation but it's all i've got right now and being an optimist I truely believe we'll be alright in the long run. Whatever is meant for us won't pass us by.

In the meantime, lets give the rest of the season our best shot and get behind the team. We just don't know whats around the corner but I fail to see why King would've made the move he made without such an idea in his back pocket.

There are positives and things to hold onto as Nets fans, the move to Brooklyn will still be huge for this franchise and I believe will change things for the better. We just have to keep the faith, even if it feels like blind faith right now, in what Billy King is doing. Remember, he has all the information and makes the informed decision, like I said there could be more than meets the eye with this Wallace trade.

On a final note, hopefully the Nets showcase the new logo now with the team colours for Brooklyn to help remind the fans about whats ahead of us because we need some hope right now. So if any Nets top brass are reading (doubt it) please hold a press conference and show us something to take the bad taste out of our mouths at the minute.


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