Rationalizing the Gerald Wallace Trade

It's been a rough four months, truly insane. Matter of fact - it's unprecedented. What Dwight Howard just did goes entirely against why modern FA was created in the first place. Nonetheless, Billy King HAD TO move on. He HAD TO acquire a veteran talent to appease Deron Williams. And according to who has been traded thus far, no player could've fit what the Nets need more than Gerald Wallace.

People here continue to neglect what the strategy is here when they post in the comments.

Here it is, in its most simplest form: WIN NOW.

It has been reiterated multiple times in the preseason and throughout the season. BK does not want to build through the draft, they’re done with that. Deron Williams has also repeatedly reiterated that he wants veterans around him, not rookies. He does not want to be part of a developing team, hence why the pick, unless Top 3, is less relevant than some here continue to believe it is. I know we are all enamored with the sexiness of a top young draft choice, but if it isn't what Deron wants and if it doesn't coincide with the strategy, why wait for the draft?

Gerald Wallace is a good player and fills a MASSIVE hole. In reality, there’s as big of a risk drafting a Top 10 player then there is in getting Gerald Wallace. How many of these top picks fail to work out? The answer is the majority of them.

Look at the Nets recent draft history - Derrick Favors at #3. What has he done? His upside could be that of Stromile Swift at this point, and quite frankly, NONE OF US know how this supposed deep draft will turn out.

Essentially, given that Okur's career is probably over and that Shawne Williams was out for the year and is below average, the deal becomes Gerald Wallace for a 4-end of lottery first round pick. I know some will not agree with me here, but it's not a ridiculously awful trade. The lottery is a crap shoot, simply put. Wallace is a proven player, tough defender and excellent athlete. He's what we need, I'm glad he's a Net and I expect him to be here for the move to Brooklyn. Obviously, Deron gave him the OK, as he's involved with BK's Plan A, B, C etc.

Another thing to consider - do people not realize how easy it is to acquire a late 1st round draft pick? All it costs is $3M & Prokhorov has shown he's been willing to fork over the cash to get it done. Furthermore, if the Nets did acquire a late 1st round pick, that's where Billy King KILLS IT. Marshon Brooks ring a bell?

Another thing to note - many think it is now inevitable that Deron Williams will leave in FA. While it is more than plausible (I'm NOT going to disagree with anyone who says that Dallas is not a realistic option for him; it most certainly is), certain things he has said all season long, as well as his recent endorsement deals with four blue-chip brands, indicate that he's not going anywhere so quickly. As an agent, you DO NOT advise your client to get involved in those type of deals unless you're going to be around for the long-term. Furthermore, those brands want Deron BECAUSE he would be in Brooklyn and help them reach that big market. He is an asset that is leveraged against the marketplace, so just throwing money at him without activating makes ZERO sense as a brand.

Another question here - what would you have done if you were Billy King? He knows A LOT more than we do and he's done almost everything right since he's come on board. You know Deron doesn't care about a top rookie. The next John Wall is NOT going to convince him to stay. So why keep the pick when you can get a good veteran that fills a hole? If it's what he wants and now your goal is to re-sign him, don't you do everything in your power to appease your superstar? Maybe I'm off base here but it falls in line with their strategy...

Yes, it sucks losing out on Dwight so people get emotional. I'm annoyed like all of you, what Howard just did was so much worse than LeBron James did it's not even funny; I hope he suffers the consequences.

BUT, Billy King’s plan has coincided with Deron Williams wants and needs. Let’s see what happens.
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