Observations from the Magic/Wizards game

Hey everybody. As a good amount of you know by now, my best friend and I went to the Magic/Wizards game this evening in an effort to recruit Dwight Howard. Here are some quick details before I go to sleep....

-We sat in the 3rd row so we were right near the bench and the Magic's locker room. While waiting for the Magic players to come out, the ushers told the people who didn't sit there to go to their seat. One guy, wearing a Dwight jersey, immediately started yelling at us and kept calling us clowns. I kept on repeating that Dwight requested a trade to us.

-The only way to describe the look on people's faces when they notice what we were doing is to think of protestors at a funeral. So many people wearing Magic jerseys looked at us, realized what was happening, and shook their heads in disbelief. Some people were utterly dumbfounded that we had the nerve to do this. Noticed a bunch of people taking pictures of us.

-One of the people who took a picture of us had a press badge and came over to me and started talking. He covered the Wiz on TrueHoop and he's the person who ended up tweeting that picture of us. Gave him my twitter handle and whatnot.

-As I was talking to him, I noticed Otis Smith walked by. I scream "Otis!!" and he looks over, smiling. Clearly he didn't realize we were Nets fans before the smile. I scream "DO THE TRADE! DO IT!!!" while gesturing with the Deron Williams cutout head. He walks towards the bench. A few minutes later, he walks to the locker room and I scream out his name again. Once again, Otis looks over at me as he plead "Don't take MarShon! Please don't take MarShon! Lopez and picks! Lopez and picks!" After that, he didn't walk by again and just stood right outside the locker room to watch the game. When it was quiet I'd shout at him, asking if he talked to Billy King lately.

-Patrick Ewing walked by and I screamed his name. Much like Otis Smith, he looked over at us and smiled without realizing we were Nets fans. I ask him if he's ready to teach Brook Lopez how to rebound. He doesn't respond. After the game, as he walks to the locker room I tell him the Knicks suck lol

-When Ryan Anderson came out, I told him we missed him very much. He seemed appreciate and kept looking over and laughing. He even pointed at me.

-Maybe a dozen times throughout the game, I noticed Dwight looking over to us. There was one time where he looked over, so I raise my Deron head and he looks away. Then I put the Deron head down. I raise the head again. He looks away. This happened a few times. Once he looked at us, then went over to some other Magician and started laughing.

-Some announcer/reporter for FOX Sports was right in front of us. He kept turning around and shaking his head at us. Before the game started, I asked if he can put us on TV. He said absolutely not, because we are wearing Nets jerseys and they aren't even playing. I DVR'ed the pre-game, game, and post-game, and we were actually on TV. I'll upload the video sometime tomorrow. Almost everytime someone shot a 3 on our side of the court, you could actually see us. But the pre-game was focused in on us holding up the Deron head, Dwight head, and the Just Wright sign.

-Throughout the game, JRich, Jameer, Hedo, Davis, and other scrubs who's names I don't know looked over and just stared at us for a few seconds.

-Near the end of the game, the Wizards mascot game over and he gave me a thumbs down. I retort, "how many games have you won this season?!" and he shrugs and walks away. Some blond behind me is infuriated and yells "HOW MANY GAMES HAVE THE NETS WON THIS SEASON?!??" and I reply it doesn't matter because Dwight requested a trade to the Nets. And she began to inform me that the Nets weren't getting Dwight and that he was going to be traded to Golden State whether he liked it or not. I said no he's not because he's going to resign. And she kept on arguing with me, saying yes he's going to Golden State. And I was like you know what I don't care if he gets traded to Golden State for a month because he's not resigning there. He wants Brooklyn. So she takes out her phone and shoves it in my face, to read the article talking about Dwight to Golden State. So I take out my phone and shove it in her face. My internet was opened up to the thread from earlier tonight quoting Broussard as saying Dwight wants to sign here outright in the summer.

-One Magic fan asked me if I thought Brook was an overall better player than Dwight and why I would even want the trade. I tell him Brook is better offensively but that's it.

-I tell a few Magic fans they would enjoy Brook Lopez and that he likes Disney.

-At the end of game, a Magic fan tells me that even if we get Dwight, Nets won't have a championship team. I tell him "if you build it, they will come. People said the same thing about Boston."

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff. If I think of anything else I'll tell you all.

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