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With every day that passes i read report after report, and I'm becoming more and more confident that we will soon land Dwight Howard.

Trading Brook Lopez,Marshon Brooks, all our 1st round draft picks humphries or Okur

Basically all of our assets that will surround the two if he were to wait to free agency. Nj nets are the fAvorite to land him either via trade or free agency. So WHY destroy the depth and end up like the Knicks ?? For a couple playoff wins this year .....

If Dwill and Billy King can convince D12 to wait it out sign as free agent,we can keep the two players headlining the trade Lopez and Brooks, (who haven't even played a reg season game together) in our starting lineup. Also allowing us to keep our first rounds pick(s) to draft a high caliber player or use the pick to trade for a player to help build our's a win win situation..

We cannot lose next yr....we are in great position Draft picks cap space descent trade bait to land key role players needed to win championship.

Imagine the perfect scenario (nothing ever goes perfect right)...

Dwight and Dwill take the Lebron and Dwade route signing a little under the max salary to create more cap. I mean come on if their serious about winning this will help dramatically,besides they will makeup the lost first yr in new endorsements. Let's be serious we have one of the top 3 richest owners in league plus jay z who has great influence and business opportunities lined up for the duo.. Hell they can just endorse all of his business ventures...this cap created by their kindness and will to win can give us an additional ..let's say 3,000,000... Hitting them for just 1.5mil each..

After resigning Brook Lopez we will still have great cap space to make major moves plus a high draft pick.

I dont want to go into who the cap should be used to sign.. Or who to trade this or that player for as we all have imaginations,trade machine and opinions ..the only one that matters is GM Billy King and his assistant GM Deron Williams.

We have a bright and promising future...BUT we must learn from the teams that formed great duo's or big 3's before us.. Take Advantage of being last to do-so allowing us to see the good and bad what and what not to do from them.

Miami heat:. Big 3 signed at reduced salary leaving cap space for ea other.. But no cap to sign anyone else therefore lack depth and rely to much on big 3

Knicks: traded away almost a whole lineup to Denver for Carmelo (playing like S*%#)

So we have to find that balance between star power and depth to win chanpionships and not just sell tickets and make the playoffs every yr..

We can create a real dynasty but we have to have patience and make smart decisions...

With that being said we will have the dynamic duo of Dwill ,D12

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