China Update: Marcus Williams scores 40; Josh Boone available now?

The regular season in China finishes this week. Players on non-playoff teams can be signed immediately for the NBA. The playoffs finish in March.


Josh Boone's and J. R. Smith's team has been losing a lot lately, and the play of both of them tailed off, as they have not much left to prove in China. The team didn't make the playoffs and plays its last game in two days, so both could be avalable for the NBA in four days.

According to today's boxscore, J. R. Smith scored a piddly 18 points and Boone didn't even play. I don't know if Boone is injured or what.

If the Nets can sign both J. R. Smith and Josh Boone (Smith is in an NBA bidding war, but Boone can come cheap), that would greatly help the Nets. Boone plays defense and can have all of Petro's minutes. Does Shelden Williams have a wrist injury? Boone can have Shelden's minutes, too. How can you not bring him back on the cheap?


Marcus Williams--the Williams who must be a Net, completing the "Full Williams" lineup--continues to be one of the very best players in China. Plug this guy into the gaping hole at small forward and it's instant help. The problem is that his team keeps on winning; today, it beat the top-ranked team in the CBA. He might not be available for several more weeks.

According to today's boxscore, Marcus Williams's team beat Aaron Brooks's team. Williams was 4-5 from three and an un-Boone-like 20-22 from the free throw line. 40 points, 2 blocks, 2 assists, 2 rebounds.


Wilson Chandler is restricted and is supposedly heading back to Denver. The Nets could talk to Denver, threaten to make a bid, then trade Anthony Morrow for his rights, but Denver needs Chandler back. I don't see any way to get him, and Marcus Williams has been playing better or at least as well for a nuch lower price.

Shavlik Randolph says that he's healthy and has played a few decent games. Gani Lawal's play was gangbusters, then dropped off considerably. I don't know if either power forward can help the Nets.

Stephon Marbury, anyone?

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