Popular chant now is "FIRE AVERY!" but realistically nothing changes "Until" or "IF" DWILL grows into a LEADER....

A new coach may or may not help speed up the process. Yes DWILL has several nagging injuries, his shooting slump can get somewhat better, he can lose a few pounds to pick up a step/elevation and new offensive system may add a few points and improve the flow somewhat BUT…

What really ills this team is the lack of mental fortitude shown by our leader, DWILL and it has now alarmingly spread like a virus throughout the whole team…

Many have, rightfully so, pointed out DWILL’s tendency to hang his head down and horrible body language for the past 2 years. But until a a few weeks ago, arguably, one could have reasonably taken the position that the whole bad body language/pouting thing was overstated or even misinterpreted. Unfortunately, now it’s different…

I can’t remember the last time a so-called leader all-star type of player comes out so early in the season at the first sign of a struggle with such an explicit "loss my confidence" mea culpa…I think once he made that statement publicly everything started going downhill for the team…can you imagine what teammates like Evans and Wallace must have felt when they heard this statement coming from their so-called leader…..what about the opposing PG who now are actually looking forward to feast on the mentally questionable DWILL….

Let’s look at the impact of PG on their respective teams that highlights how a coaching change ONLY is not the panacea…DWILL MUST GROW INTO A LEADER AND THIS MAY TAKE A SEASON OR MORE…look at Lebron for most recent example of a growing leadership cycle…

"A point guard like him who has that respect, a lot of it is the credibility of doing it for a lot of years," D’Antoni said after the Lakers beat the Knicks 100-94 Tuesday afternoon for their fifth straight win. "He just puts everything in perspective and calms everybody down and gives you a chance to win every night. He keeps your energy up on defense because you’re not fighting yourself on the other end and you’re not being demoralized by things happening there. Everybody’s getting the ball, there’s a flow, and it feeds and it builds. It’s a like a little snowball that keeps getting bigger."

#Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro on Chris Paul: "He’s the catalyst. He’s the quarterback out there.." (cont)
"..He’s an extension of me and Chris has a great pulse of the game. His assist-to-turnover ratio and just his command of the game is as good as anybody’s. He puts us in situations where we have the ability to execute at both ends, and that’s what he does out there. That is why he is one of the best players in the league."

"We’re dropping our heads on every little mistake," Wallace said. "It’s carrying over from the locker room on to the court, and it shows. … Losing wears on you."

But for all of their offensive woes, the bigger issue is their tendency to drop their heads the moment things start to work against them. It’s a problem that has shown up time and time again, as the Nets have lost several games because they were unable to fight back after their opponents reeled off a big run.

"We’ve got some young guys that haven’t really won at a huge level, and that’s part of it. Having that mentality that when things go rough, that we can weather the storm. I don’t know if that’s a mentality that we have yet, but you can grow into that."

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