Nets fans need to stop a few things...

This is a bit of a rant, but there are a few things I'm tired of seeing on these boards. Everyone is entitled to write about what they want, but there is some dead horse beating going on, and a lot of it isn't even relevant. So I'm going to point out a few of these repetitive comments that just need to go away. Right, wrong, or indifferent. See the list.

Probable Myth #1: Dwight Howard would have made us unstoppable!

Dwight is a great player. But, Nets fans need to move on. Dwight is in LA, with the Lakers. They aren't trading him, and even if they decide to, the odds of us going after him are slim to none. Number 1, we're winning, and winning big. Why break up the team while we're on a roll? Number 2, other teams will offer more. Number 3, Dwight burned bridges here. He's not good for chemistry. Number 4, Dwight is a diva, and selfish. That's not this team. Number 5, I don't even need more reasons, because HE'S NOT COMING! Get over it!

Trading for Dwight would have taken key contributors like Hump and Lopez away, and who knows what else. It also would have taken Four 1st round picks, and Marshon Brooks. Now, say whatever you want about that, but with the salary cap restrictions, we need those picks, Brooks, and the Euro-leaguers to continue to compete. Bogans and Stack are playing great right now, but how good will they be in 2013 or 2014? Heck how will they be in April? Will Blatche still be here? These picks, the youth, the Euro-stashes. These guys are the keys to our future flexibility. Sending them off for Dwight would have hamstrung us permanently with a squad that might not have even been better than the one we have.

We're 11-4, and going into Miami with a chance to take the lead in the Eastern Conference. Brook Lopez is playing at an all-star level. We're defending at an excellent level. We'r rebounding, exceptionally. Everyone on the floor in crunch time can hit free throws. Let it go, Nets fans! It's very possible we're better now, and regardless, we should enjoy the ride of this current team, because WE HAVE SOMETHING WORTH CHEERING FOR!

Probable Myth #2: Mirza Teletovic stinks at basketball and cost us Gerald Green

Mirza Teletovic did not play in the NBA last year. The Euro league is a different game. It's slower, and there are subtle differences in the rules. There is a difference in the game, and that alone will take time to adjust to. Mirza has played less than 20 minutes of NBA action mostly in garbage time, and in sporadic bunches that don't allow for any rhythm. This guy can score, and shoot from anywhere. He's big and athletic. Things will click for him, but it's going to take some time. Let's not write him off, before he even gets started.

Probable Myth #3: This team needs Gerald Green

I Love Gerald Green, but he has no place on this Nets team. Green was great for us last year, but he doesn't fit in the system Avery is establishing. Green's game is built on athleticism, and transition. He is not a half court force, like the rest of the roster. Our roster is built on size advantage, not speed advantage. We post up, isolate, move the ball, and impose our will both offensively and defensively. Green's game does not fit that style of play. On top of that the 2 and 3 are the deepest positions in the NBA. Bogans and Stack have made it so Brooks isn't even getting time. Add Green to that mix and who do you take out? Green was fun to watch last year, but it's time to move on. Let's let him go, Nets fans. I'll take the team we have now, over the highlights of Green every day of the week.

Probable Myth #4: We can't beat Miami

Well what are we playing for then? Look, Miami is a great team. They deserve to be the favorites. But, they are far from unbeatable. If you look at our team, we match up well with them, and I'm looking forward to the battle with them in late May. Gerald Wallace is one of the few SF that can play on Lebron. We're more physical then them. We're deeper than them. We're bigger than them. They have Lebron, Bosh, Wade, Allen, Battier, and Lewis. But, they are not unbeatable, and we shouldn't be afraid of them. We should be chomping at the bit to take them on and prove ourselves worthy. I'm all for giving Miami the respect they're due. But, I'm not handing them a spot in the finals, and I think that we have all the horses we need to send them home earlier than expected. I'm looking forward to watching this.

Probable Myth #5: Josh Smith and Pau Gasol would make us better

We're 11-4. Atlanta hasn't even suggested they would deal Smith, and by all account Smith is happy in Atlanta, and didn't love playing with Joe Johnson. Could he have a place here? Sure. But we don't need him, and he isn't an absolute upgrade. We have no reason to concern ourselves with him, unless his name is floated as a real possibility. Even still, I'm sure the offers for him will be richer than I want the Nets giving up, given their current make up. Ditto goes for Gasol. Name a trade other than Shaq where the Lakers didn't get the best player in the deal? Shaq demanded a trade, Gasol is never going to do that. Let's let this pipe dream die, please. Gasol isn't going anywhere.

Probable Myth #6: Kris Humphries greatest value to this team is as a trade asset

Hump is so much more valuable than he's given credit for. He's a tough, scrappy, smart player, who rebounds well, and scores efficiently. He is fitting into the D. Most importantly, Hump is a solid back up Center. When the Nets decide to play small where necessary, Hump can rotate to Center and fill in well. I don't want him starting at the position, and playing 30 minutes there, but he's very effective in spurts. Yes, his contract does not match his value, and there are better players available, with bigger names that his contract can help us acquire. But, I don't want to go after just anyone. Hump has a role on this team, and he plays well in that role. If we deal for someone they need to have to fill the void he'd leave behind. That is not a long list, and it's not broken with Hump, so let's not undersell his value.

So I get it. It's fun to play GM and propose off the wall trades. Gerald Green was far and away the best part of an awful season last year, so there is love there. Mirza has not been a stand out, and his signing took away other options we could have had. Miami set the bar with a line up filled with HOF level players. I get it. But, as Nets fans we need to let go of these things, and focus on our own squad's performance. I'd rather talk about how we're going to game plan to beat the Heat tonight, than talk about how cool it'd be to have Howard or Smith. Let's let these tired old horses die. We've beaten them to death. How about more talk about THIS Nets team, and how we're going to take 1st place in the East tonight, and push the Thunder out of their comfort zone on Monday. Let's talk Nets basketball. We have something to cheer for. Let's do this already.

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