AL IANNAZZONE (miss him as a Nets beat writer) GETS it regarding KIDD, Melo/Knicks and arguably, the Nets....

Pretty much echoing my thoughts regarding the impact of KIDD on Carmelo/Knicks and my concerns with DWILL/Nets….who on the Nets is our vocal leader? who can set our superstar on the right path when he is veering to the left like he has been for the past 2 years? our coach…nope he is compromised and has lame duck status…..JJ quiet guy does not like to step on others’ foot resulting in his early tentative playing….Stackhouse, possibly but will not garner the respect and ears of his teammates as a Hall of Fame legend and former Nets great KIDD….

It still boggles my mind why the package deal that KIDD, himself, was selling basically stating that he will go wherever DWILL goes did not happen?? I don’t recall the timeline and the money factor but I am pretty certain if GM Deron had stated he wanted his buddy KIDD by his side to usher in the new Era Billy the King of Brooklyn would've made it happened…makes you wonder if Deron’s interest in a package deal was mutual…..

Carmelo, in turn the Knicks, unfortunately, will have a great year in large part due to KIDD….at least that’s my humble prediction….

At 39, Kidd is more of a vocal leader than he ever was with the Nets. Kidd said he “didn’t have time to talk” then because he was so involved in every play. His Knicks teammates, including Carmelo Anthony, are listening intently to Kidd, a likely first-ballot Hall of Famer who won a championship with Dallas.
“I’ve finished the race for first place, which helps,” Kidd said. "I’m not the same player who had the ball 90 percent of the time. As I’ve gotten older and my game has gone down, I’ve just had to sharpen my mental aspect of the game, and that’s what I rely on right now.

“Jason is very vocal in the locker room and on the bench,” Anthony said. “Not so much on the court. But the one thing he brings to this team is his knowledge.”
Kidd said he talks to Anthony all the time, and is trying to make him a better player.
“I want him to have a great year, but I want him to fulfill what he thinks his potential is, and that’s to be one of the best in this league,” Kidd said. “So for that I’m here to help him. If I think he’s taking a step back, I got to push him to bring that to him. From day one, he’s been going forward, and you can see that in his play.” THIS QUOTE SHOULD HAVE BEEN REFERRING TO DWILL

As an organization, the Nets should have rolled out the red carpet for KIDD (despite headache gate) once he expressed an interest to return….I refuse to believe money/cap was the only hindrance….internal decisions were made by the powers that be not to answer his calls, puzzling at best… much crap Dolan has made with the Knicks…they take care of their former great players (For example, Kurt Thomas, Camby on the court, Starks, Houston, Herb off the court)…

Nets, on the other hand, refused to spare a couple of season opener tickets to Kenny Anderson, one of their best point guards that had some great memorable Nets moments in playoffs with Petrovic/Coleman….Dr. J should have been given a position within this organization a long time ago....only former Nets taken in are Dawkins in making community appearances and Kittles with an informal minimal role despite his expressed interest to be more involved.....if we can take care of our international fans, I'm still not sure why we can’t take care of some of our few former great Nets player??

Embarrassingly, the greatest Nets ever (only Dr. J is disputable) wanted to come back home to share in the joy of ushering a new era for this organization and the Nets went deaf ears to KIDD’s constant knock at the front door….

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