Nets atmosphere at the arena and some sound byte suggestions

Let me preface by saying i love the Brooklyn chant. It's catchy and the crowd really gets behind it at times.

However i feel that it's being overused and when i hear them pump it through the sound system. They should let it be natural and reserve it for end of quarters and such.

I really wish the Nets used cleverer sound bytes to hype the crowd after scores. When at a game i literally feel how bad the crowd wants to get behind the Nets. Brooklyn is starting to love their Nets. We need some better hype material.

The rap music is nice but not everyone listens to it and catering only to one demographic kinda defeats the purpose of Brooklyn and the global stuff and everything else they are trying to push. Please keep in mind i am just having some fun with this but here are some of my ideas:

After a brook Lopez score: (first 15 or so seconds is what i had in mind and only the voice parts)

After a Hump dunk: (maybe edit to make it a shorter byte)

After a MarShon score:
(first 2 seconds only and maybe edit in the "cooking" part.. obvious reference to our famous "Swag cooking" comments)

After a Joe Johnson or Deron bucket: (particularly the "Buyaka" and "whatcha gonna do when we come for you" and "thats my pueblo" which translates to "that's my burough/town" which could really spark the Brooklyn crowds)

After the someone from the bench scores: or this one for when one of them have a great hustle play (looking at you Wallace and Evans) (first 3 seconds only)

Just some ideas. I know my ideas have a lot of WWE which some of you probably cannot really get behind but there is no denying WWE has an immense cult following so it would be some nice plugs to get the crowd going and the sound bytes i chose are generic enough that even people not familiar with wrestling could get hyped off of them.

I just do not want the Brooklyn chant to be our only "go to move" as far as hyping the crowd and i do not want the crowds to get sick of it from it being overused.

Say what you want about MSG and the Knicks but they know how to hype their fans.

What fun ideas can you guys come up with?

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