NetsDaily Loud & Proud: Barclays Edition, Vol. 2 -- which December game should we choose?

** EDIT ** POLL CLOSES FRIDAY 11/30. After responding to the poll, in the comments section, please indicate how much you'd be willing to spend on tickets. Thanks!

Thanks to a great effort from a number of enthusiastic NetsDaily members and Nets management (named and thanked in the comments section of my original fanpost linked below), the first NetsDaily Loud & Proud game was generally regarded as a success by everyone involved-- we all had a lot of fun supporting the team, we got other parts of the crowd cheering, and the Nets beat the Clippers!

So, on the heels of such a strong inaugural effort, I'd like to get the ball rolling on the next L&P event by taking a poll on what game in December would be of the most interest to people. Please note that the cost of tickets varies by section and by opponent. For example, the only tickets still available (as of 11/20) for the Dec 11th game vs. Knicks are $275 ea. for seats in the lower bowl while the same seats for the Dec 18th game vs. Utah go for $130 with a group discount (20 ticket minimum) and even cheaper tickets in the mid- and upper-bowls are probably still available.

More details on the group ticket schedule and pricing here: Group Ticket Pricing (a quick glance at the schedule shows there is attractive pricing for the Feb 24th game vs. Memphis -- another potential L&P game?)

To maximize the potential member involvement, I was thinking that we should aim for games where tickets, net of the group purchase discount, in the $50-$100 range are available (mid & upper bowl seating) -- I'm not sure how many of the games in December still have those seats available but I'll ask on Monday. In the meantime, if you're interested in participating in the next L&P night, please indicate which game you'd be most interested in seeing by responding to the poll below.

With more advance notice, I'm hoping the next NetsDaily Loud & Proud game will be even better than the first one -- more member attendance, even more vocal, and more visible (maybe some supportive signs?). The Nets organization did a great job supporting and encouraging our first effort at Barclays and I'm hopeful that we can keep the good momentum going.

Please feel free to add comments or suggestions and thanks for your interest!

Let's Go Brooklyn! Let's Go Nets!

Fanpost re: inauguaral NetsDaily L&P at Barclays: L&P at Nets vs. Clippers

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