Self-made "Loud and Proud" mini-section at Friday's game vs. LAC -- any interest?

I know that the Nets don't have an official "Loud and Proud" section anymore and some of us think the Barclays crowd's energy could use a little boost at times ... so I was thinking "what if 20 or more NetsDaily members got together and bought Group Sale tickets and created our own "Loud & Proud" mini-section for selected games?"

To start things off on the right foot, I was thinking of buying 20 tickets for the upcoming game vs. the Clippers this Friday 11/23. The tickets will be free of charge and will be in Section 03, Row 17.

(see: Group Ticket Pricing )

If fellow NetsDaily members are interested in these tickets (up to 2 per member), all I'd ask is your help in creating a visibly and audibly supportive atmosphere throughout the game by:

a) coming to the game dressed in some type of Nets (Brooklyn or New Jersey) gear

b) initiating chants of "Let's Go Brooklyn" when we're on offense and "De-Fense", particularly when the crowd seems quiet

c) chanting "Broook-lyyyn" while opponents shoot foul shots in the 4th quarter, particularly if it's a close game.

(see: Use the "Brooklyn Chant" Wisely)

Also, I'm making this offer for tickets to the Friday game to people who DO NOT already have tickets. I'll be paying for this game out of pocket because creating an even better atmosphere at Barclays is important to me and I'd rather not subsidize people who will be scalping their existing tickets for a profit - I hope you understand.

I hope there are 20 of you who think this is a worthy idea and will participate in good faith. If you're interested, please post below with an email address where I can contact you (I'm not yet sure if the tickets will be in pdf format so I can email them out or if I'll have to hand them out in person at the game - I'll know more tomorrow).

If this goes well, I'll volunteer to organize similar group ticket purchases in the future (those won't be subsidized, however).

If you have any questions or comments, please post below or contact me at -- Thanks!

*** EDIT *** here are pics of the tickets: Tickets Pic 1 Tickets Pic 2

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