Keeping Blatche next summer?

As NI already said it in a previous article, Blatche is our new Gerald Green. He is our project now. He is the the guy getting a second chance from us this season. Avery wants him to succeed, and he recieves all the support he needs.

We all know that he is very talented, and it looks like the motivation, and maybe the maturity might be there as well.

We all want him to succeed and rejuvenate his carrier on our team, just like Green did last season. But there is one thing none of us want to see happening again: The Nets failing to keep their project.

We have this guy on a one year (unguaranteed) veteran minimum contract, meaning we will only have "non-Bird" rights for him next summer. That means we can either give him a 20% raise, or we can pay him 120% of the veteran minimum ($1,467,799)

It was the same situation with Green last year. We raised his market value, and the CBA prohibited us from giving it to him. We could have still offered him the Tax-payer's MLE of 3.09 mill, but that one went to Teletovic.

As you guys know, Blatche is an amnestied player. He is still owed 23.8 million by the Wizards through the next 3 seasons (2012-13 $7,118,502; 2013-14 $7,794,921; 2014-15 $8,471,339).

I've been reading through most of the threads, and there seemed to be a bit of a confusion on wether getting a new big contract means extra money for Blatche, or it only saves money for Washington.

I decided to look into this topic a bit, and here is what I found in Coon's CBA FAQ:

If another team signs a player who has cleared waivers, the player’s original team is allowed to reduce the amount of money it still owes the player (and lower their team salary) by a commensurate amount. This is called the right of set-off. This is true if the player signs with any professional team — it does not have to be an NBA team. The amount the original team gets to set off is limited to one-half the difference between the player’s new salary and the minimum salary for a one-year veteran (if the player is a rookie, then the rookie minimum is used instead).

This is a bit of a bad news, because it certainly means that getting a new contract also means extra money for Blatche. The question is how much extra does it mean.

The minimum salary for a one year veteran is $762,195. Whatever Blatche earns above that amount, Washington can cut 50% that from his original salary.

I checked Blatche's total salary for 2013-14 in the following scenarios:

  1. $8,787,602 - If we just sign him to another veteran minimum contract.
  2. $8,909,918 - If we keep him using non-Bird rights, paying him 120% of the 8 year veteran minimum salary.
  3. $9,721,018 - If we give him the 3,09 mill mini MLE.
  4. $10,676,018 - If he gets full MLE of 5 mill from another team.
  5. $13,176,018 - If a team with capspace offers him 10 mill (basically every $1million means 500k extra for him)

An interesting aspect is that while #3 compared to #1 means less than $1 million extra money for Blatche, it costs the Nets almost $5 million more, considering the Tax, and the fact that Vet min contracts only count $726k (1 year vet min) against the cap.

Obviously my numbers are for one season, so for the length of his Wizards contract, you have to multiply by two.

If Blatche can secure a long term contract, which takes him out of the period while he is paid by the Wizards, it gives him long term security, which we obviously can not match next summer.

Still, overall, I would say that our chances don't look that bad, even if Blatche really blows up, and proves to be a very good player. Especially if he likes it in Brooklyn, and wants to be loyal to the team and the coach, who gave him his second chance.

If he is still on the team after 3 seasons, when his Wizard contract expires, we will have full Bird rights to him, meaning we can pay him anything up to the max allowed.

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