Village Voice: Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center "Best of NYC"


In its annual listing of "Best of NYC", the Village Voice calls both the Nets and Barclays Center tops in the city.

The listing features an illustration of SNL's Bill Hader, apparently a Thunder fan, being stared down outside Barclays Center.

Of the Nets, the Voice writes...

The Knicks will let you down. You know this, and still you drag your sorry ass to three games a season, every season, so that you can scream and curse and cry and then say you were at the game when the Knicks clinched eighth seed in the playoffs. That's no way to live. Now, though, you have options.

And of Barclays Center...

Because it is a newborn arena, this Best Of is not being given so much for the features of the stadium's inside but more so for the fact that it actually exists. Brooklyn has a sports stadium now. Get ready.

The Voice is not alone. The Boston Celtics had some good things to say about Barclays Center. in talking with Pete Tenney of Brooklyn Fans. Jason Terry praised the shooter's sightlines while Rajon Rondo said the "black box" lighting made the arena look like "the opera. So, we got to put on a show every time we're here."

Meanwhile,Ken Berger writes of the arena, "The inside is truly spectacular. The highlights are the herring-bone floor and the way the lights shine on the court and leave the crowd in relative darkness -- a la Staples Center. Everything is shiny and new and smartly done."

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