My Observations from first time seeing the guys play

The Wizards are a completely different team. If Wall and Nene get back healthy, they will easily be in contention for a playoff spot.

You can tell our team doesn’t have any experience together, but they look a hell of a lot further along than most brand new teams. There is a ton of potential with this group, and I think we’ll really get a sense of exactly what we can be about 25-35 games into the season.

Brook Lopez, as I expected, with a team around him for the first time is a different player. He can make a case as a top 5-10 big man in the league this year. His decision making and quickness in making those decisions needs to improve, as does making the correct pass and making it accurately when he gets double teamed, which he will be a lot this year. I have faith that we’ll see this aspect of his game improve a lot as the year goes on; because in the past, he was asked to try to score through double and triple teams, as there was just no one to pass it to.

Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace were two guys that looked like they held back a bit. They’re veterans, it’s pre-season, I’m not worried about either guy.

If Joe Johnson isn’t a great player, then he is a very, very good one. Early signs are he won’t have any trouble playing his game and playing it effectively with Deron on the floor. Another great aspect of having JJ is that our second unit might have an edge over the other team’s second unit 82 times this year.

Andray Blatche was an absolute presence down low. If he continues to play within himself as he did for the most part tonight, I have him as our 5th or 6th most valuable player this year. There is a ton of ability here, my only concern would be that he starts trying to do much as he gets more comfortable.

Humphries looks like he has a role on this team. He still makes some boneheaded plays and is out of position more often than he should be, but he does a few things well, and I like him for 15-18 minutes a night. I hope Evans and Blatche see as much or more time than him.

Evans and Childress add a ton on the court that won’t show up in stat sheets. These are two prototypical glue guys that help teams win games.

Teletovic looks out of place. It’s hard to judge too much off one game, but it feels like if he’s going to be a good player for us, it won’t be until 1/4 to 1/2 way through the season.

C.J. Watson is a rock-solid back-up point. Good pick-up.

I don’t think I missed anybody. The arena and the floor and the lighting looked fantastic. It just looks like an absolutely awesome basketball arena. Overall, this looks like a very, very confident group of guys. What did you all think of our debut?

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