Nets/Sixers Observations

As most of you know, I attended the Nets vs. Sixers game last night. I was very pleased with the turnout of the crowd, especially all of the Nets gear and jerseys. Here are some things I noticed throughout the game.

First off, Teletovic was awful. On most of his shots, he was pretty open, and they were just off. A couple of them, rimmed out, and were close, the rest were just bad shots. The worst being one that hit no rim, but the bottom of the backboard. I think he was just nervous, being his first ever NBA game. I expect him to do better on Monday, he can't really do much worse.

Second, Deron was happy. It was kinda weird seeing him smiling on the bench, and actually in the huddle. I was holding up my big cardboard head cutout of him, and after so many times seeing it, he finally waived to us.

Third, Lopez looked amazing. He was going after boards, drawing many fouls, it didn't look like he was nervous about the foot at all. He actually passed on a couple mid/long range shots that he could have nailed, and could of had even more points than he did. Still 19pts, and 9 rebounds, and 3 blocks is impressive. Also, Lopez had a very loud put-back dunk in which he held onto the rim and pulled himself up a bit, that was nice to see.

Next, Wallace looked very good also. He was always hustling, running after balls, and he even jumped over the front row bench which I got kinda scared with. He looked good with his shot, hitting a couple of three's (I think), and going up very strong with some layups.

Another guy that looked good that no one is really talking about is Childress, he did very good all-around. Grabbing some boards, hitting some shots, very good passing, and play amazing D.

Watson looked very good also. I think this was our best signing of the year (besides re-signing our own players).

Blatche is another underrated signing. He is huge, like NI said. He goes up very strong, goes after boards, and plays pretty good D. I was impressed.

The crowd broke into loud "Brook-lynnnn" chants about 3-4 times. I got chills. The crowd was very loud and got into it late in the game. Imagine Barclays,18,000 people chanting "Brook-lynnn", I'd love to be there for that.

If you guys have any questions about the game, feel free to ask me in the comments!

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