Hump out? My case for Ike Diogu's inside scoring.

If Hump is out (and even if he isn't), I'd like to make my case for signing Ike Diogu, a proven inside scoring threat.

Diogu's career has been killed by injuries. Also, he's really about 6'8" (listed as 6'9"), so he's undersized if played at center. But oh, can he score! He's only 28.

From Hoops Hype: "Good low-post game...Great footwork...Good hands...Long arms...Lacks height and athleticism."

Shelden Williams won't give you scoring. Dennis Horner should be playing D-league minutes for a year. Jordan Williams is a rookie and more of a rebounder than a scorer. Shawne Williams is too slender to play inside. Okur is the starter, and he plays outside. Then there's Petro, who takes jump shots.

I'd sign Ike Diogu and have Diogu (for inside scoring) and Jordan Williams (for rebounding) as the two bigs off the bench. Then round the lineup off with Damion James (rebounding, defense), MarShon Brooks (scoring) and Deron Williams.

Diogu played with the LA Clippers last year, behind DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin and Chris Kaman. When Kaman returned, Diogu barely saw the floor after February 13th.

On February 4, 2011 (hardly ancient history), Diogu had 14 points and 10 rebounds in only 22 minutes against Atlanta's talented front line. On February 8, 2011, he had 18 points in 22 minutes playing against Orlando's Dwight Howard.

Then 4 points in 12 minutes, then 6 points in 13 minutes, and then no minutes at all. For March, there was one game of 7 points in 12 minutes. The last game of the season, on April 13, 2011, he had 8 points in 12 minutes.


What's there to lose? Hump is out, and Shelden Williams can't score. Diogu can.

Sign Diogu to a minimum contract and give some of Hump's minutes to Jordan Williams to see if he can collect rebounds.

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