How the Nets can rebound--and improve (Post Game Analysis)

Hey guys,

I just got back from the game--and for some reason I don't feel that down. We lost the fifth straight game, yet by watching it I just can't tell why exactly all of this is happening. The hustle is there, the shooting surely is not. We are down two very important players. We're not in the best spot for the upcoming stretch. So what can the Nets do?

Here are my thoughts after tonight's game:

Changes to Make:

1) MarShon needs to start. I'm not for rookies starting really. But Deron trusts MarShon with the ball more than any other player. He just handles the ball really well. His defense needs to improve but he puts the effort up.

2) Sheldon has been putting his heart out there. Showed some real hustle. He needs to learn how to keep his hands up. Petro is not the greatest player but the two are trying. Someone needs to work the fundamentals with them. Sheldon should continue to start along side Okur.

Our starting line up should be:

PG: Deron/ SG: Brooks/ SF: James PF: Sheldon C: Okur

Okur really spread the floor and has had a few great games. He'll be a good backup when Brook gets better. I like Sundiana's energy but he should really be a back up PG, not a starting one. Farmar had some good minutes tonight, maybe give him a shot next game first.

Stevenson impresses with his defense, Shawne Williams--not so much. He seems almost asleep. My boy Morrow has looked awful. Get this guy into a gym shooting threes. He needs confidence back badly.

Despite all of the disappointment you guys have in Deron--or it seems like--he played his heart out there last night and got whacked around. Two of our best players (Lopez and Hump) are out at the moment--and that's not good. The next week will NOT be pretty. I wouldn't be surprised if we're 2 - 9 by the end of next week.

But things can get better. Our schedule really lightens up after this incredibly rough start. Deron needs to buy into this plan--we aren't winning a Championship but everyone is trying. Avery needs to set expectations right; we're trying to improve and need to show some of it. His rotations were better tonight. They need to work on 3 point defense.

Let's stick together guys. We've been through a lot worse. I hope it gets a lot better soon.

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