....Let me preface this by saying this is my first fan post, so go easy on me and feel free to provide your thoughts and feedback -

There have been tons of theories on where Dwight will land - Will he go before the trade deadline, will he wait till free agency. Will he go to the Clippers, the Lakers, the Mavericks, the Knicks, the Nets, the Globetrotters, blah blah blah yada yada yada etc etc etc...

I've read a lot of articles on this website (and considered the fact that we can have some outwardly biased rationale) as well as a lot of articles on ESPN, SI, etc.

I've realized a few things and would like to share them with all of you.

#1 - The ONLY people who really give New Jersey a prayer at landing Dwight and keeping Deron are the loyal fans of this currently god-awful franchise. I really feel like the rest of the league and the media treat New Jersey like we are a minor leage team, unworthy of talent or legitimate press coverage. For that reason, no matter how reasonable the trade package we put together, we will always be second fiddle to the Lakers and the Mavericks. Time for us all to get over that. Yes, you can put Lopez on the Lakers and he will instantly be a credible player, but he plays for the Nets and he is big and goofy and does not look like your average center would. So of course, even though he averages 20+ ppg he must not be very good, right?

#2 (and more importantly), if Dwight really wants to compete year after year he will wait to come to the Nets during free agency. In a completely unbiased assessment, by coming to the Nets in the offseason he will truly be stepping into the most dynamic situation

We would be able to keep Lopez and have two 7 footers in our starting lineup (say goodbye to rebounding issues) or use him as a trade chip to get some very nice assets in return. We would be able to keep Marshon Brooks who is showing all of the makings of a real star. We would be able to keep a slew of draft picks, several of which are for this years loaded draft. We would have the cap flexibility to keep or dispose of almost any player on our roster. To me, this is an incredible situation. He would be coming into a team with VERY good young talent (Lopez, Brooks), have tons of cap flexibility, tons of draft picks, and best of all HE WOULD BE MOVING TO BROOKLYN.

If Dwight plays out the season in Orlando and then comes to New Jersey, we can truly build a team around him the right way instead losing everything to the Magic via trade. He would be walking into a team that can instantly be a headline the Eastern Conference. We are so close to going from an absolute joke to an absolute contender, and all it takes is D12 waiting until after the season to come to us.

To me - I can't see any other team out there offering that kindof situation.

So for that reason, I am VERY comfortable tanking this season and ensuring a high draft pick.

Dwight, if you realize any of the above already, for god's sake PLEASE stay with the magic....for now.

Thank you and goodnight -

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