Life after Dwight if he is traded to another team

Talks of Dwight Howard joining Deron Williams to form a super team in Brooklyn have many feeling it is the MeloDrama 2.0. What happens if Dwight gets traded to the Lakers and Deron leaves to play for his hometown Mavs. The Nets are going to have a boatload of cash and need to spend it. Assuming the Nets reisgn Brook Lopez, here is a list of potential Nets that we can trade for now to clear more cap space for this summer or just sign during free agency.

Restricted Free Agents

Eric Gordon - Will NO be allowed to give a big contract extension out with the NBA owning them? Don’t see how Gordon would fit on the Nets though since we already have Swag.

Javale McGee - Has improved every year in the NBA. Averaging 12 PPG, 10.1 RPG, 3.2 BLK. Lopez / McGhee / Brooks could be a young version of Gasol / Bynum / Kobe. McGhee could be a possible trade target if Dwight gets dealt elsewhere. I would like to see McGhee as a Net.

Anthony Randolph - Huge upside guy who has played well when given minutes. He is buried behind Minny's glut of PF's, Love / Beasley / D Will 2. Minny needs a SG, could we swing a Morrow & Pick for Randolph?

Omer Asik - Chicago has a lot of money tied up in Rose, Boozer, Deng and Noah. Asik has been very good when given time and should be sort after as a young big in FA. Chicago is another possible trade partner who needs a SG who doesn’t need the ball, aka Morrow.

Roy Hibbert - Has been maddingly inconsistent but is 7'3". He would be a poor fit next to Lopez though since both are lumbering type of players

Wilson Chandler - He is a restricted FA now but is in China til March. Can play SF, PF and SG and would be a good addition. Denver has committed long term to Nene and Afflalo and seems to be close with Gallo also. Maybe a possible sign and trade with Farmar and Morrow going to Denver.

Michael Beasley – Head case but has talent and can play both SF and PF. Was a 19 point scorer last year. Minny seem likely to move one of their PF’s, Love / Beasley / Randolph.

DJ Augustin – The guy the Bobcats took instead of Lopez. He has been fairly productive as a water bug type of PG. Averaging 15 PPG and 7.3 APG. If DWill left for Dallas, Augustin would be a nice fill in.

Aaron Brooks - Brooks regressed badly from his Most improved Player of the year season but should be a cheap alternative to some of the higher priced options. From a marketing standpoint Brook Lopez, Marshon Brooks, Aaron Brooks could form the Brooks Brothers of Brooklyn.

George Hill – Seems unlikely to leave his hometown Pacers. Would be Marshon’s backup. Not a good fit for the Nets.

OJ Mayo – Another player who probably wouldn’t be a good fit in Brooklyn unless Brooks is traded in a Dwight deal.

Free Agents

Kevin Garnett – Yes Garnett is long in the tooth but he still is a very good defender. He plays his best when paired with a good center and would be the perfect complement to Lopez.

Steve Nash – Another older FA but he is still playing at a high level. I could see him playing well until his 40’s ala John Stockton and would be the best replacement to DWill.

Ray Allen – Yet another older player who is still getting it done. Jump shots like his don’t get old and he keeps himself in top shape. Swag would allow Allen to limit his minutes to extend his career.

Chris Kaman – Has been injury prone the last few years but has a good skill set and would be a cheap pickup

Ray Felton – I would put Felton 3rd to Nash and Augustin as far as DWill’s replacement. He is solid but not spectacular. His weight and conditioning would be a concern if he signs a long term contract.

Jeff Green – Hybrid forward who the Nets have been fond of. His heart condition is concerning and I would prefer that another team take a risk on Green

Andrei Kirilenko – Seem to be part of BK’s plan for Brooklyn as long as he doesn’t try to get too much. I like him in Brooklyn but only if the price tag is reasonable.

Carlos Delfino – An under the radar type of player because he plays in the NBA wasteland known as Milwaukee. Delfino can hit shots though and is a decent defensive player. The Nets could do a lot worse.

Jason Terry – Don’t see Terry leaving Dallas but is still a decent player.

Spencer Hawes – He has been playing lights out for Philly but he is a perimeter bigman who doesn’t go to the line. He has improved a lot on his rebounding but his play reeks of contract year player.

JR Smith – Everyone’s favorite thug. He presents a boom or bust scenario for the Nets. He has all of the tools to be one of the best scorers in the league but his attitude sucks. I was all for signing him before we got Brooks, now I think he would be redundant.

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