2012 NBA Draft

Nets In Chicago For Draft Combine


They may only have the #57 pick and recently lost out on a top three pick, but the Nets front office is all-in on the Pre-Draft Combine in Chicago. Makes you think they're planning on making a pick...

Deadlines and Commitments - LXIX


Our weekly calendar for the Nets: It's time for the Combines, where players show off to NBA scouts in Chicago and Treviso, Italy. In the next week, there will be three combines: the D-League...

Nets Acquiring Pick? How Realistic?


Billy King has said the Nets won't acquire a pick just to have one, but he has said he plans to be "aggressive" in Newark on June 28. "Not having this pick doesn’t preclude us from getting a pick...

King: We'll Be Aggressive in Draft


Billy went into Draft Night last June with the #27 and #36. He came out with the #25 (Marshon Brooks), the #31 (Bojan Bogdanovic) and the #36 (Jordan Williams). In the process he sent $1.5 million...

No #60 Pick for Brooklyn Nets


The Nets will have only one pick, #57, in the second round, going into the NBA Draft on June 28. The team had hoped it could re-purchase the rights to the #60 pick, which they had given up to the...

King Pushes Back, Defends Trade; Goal Is "Never To Be Back Here"

Billy King took it on the chin Wednesday, first with the Yahoo! Sports report (later denied) that Deron Williams wouldn't return unless the Nets signed Dwight Howard, then losing the team's first...


The Nets will surrender their first round draft pick this June to the Portland Trail Blazers. They finished 6th in the Draft Lottery. As part of the Gerald Wallace trade at the deadline, the Nets...

No Lucky Charm, Positive Thinking


The Nets rep in the Draft Lottery will go into Wednesday night with no special memento, just positive thoughts. "I don't have a good luck charm," Irina Pavlova told NetsDaily Tuesday, "But I'm a...

For Nets, It's All About Luck in Lottery


Two things to know about the Draft Lottery Wednesday night (8 p.m. ET): past performance is no guarantee of future success and "it's a big day", as Billy King tells Ben Couch. For all the positive...

Pavlova To Rep Nets at Lottery


Irina Pavlova, president of Mikhail Prokhorov's Onexim Sports & Entertainment US, will have the seat of honor at the NBA Draft Lottery on Wednesday. Pavlova will try to do what no Nets executive or...

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