2012 NBA Draft

With 22nd pick, Brooklyn Nets select Mason Plumlee


Mason Plumlee, a 7'0" center from Duke, was selected by the Nets at 22.

Stein: Nets Would Have Taken Zeller in Draft


Marc Stein writes Saturday about how the Nets wouldn't have taken Damian Lillard in last year's draft even if they had kept the pick . They were confident they would re-sign Deron Williams....

Willingness to Pay High Price Got Taylor


As Draft Night 2012 moved into the second round, the Nets started maneuvering to acquire Tyshawn Taylor, who they had listed as a late first rounder. The Blazers were willing to sell, but the price...

The "Killer B's" Report Card: Brooklyn Builders


Overall, you'd have to give them an "A" for the off-season, maybe even an A+. We grade each of the Nets moves since Billy King and Bobby Marks took over. We try to avoid "Incomplete" because you...

Nets Spent $2.75M on Draft Night


In another indication of Mikhail Prokhorov's willingness to spend, the Nets paid out $2.75 million on Draft Night to secure the draft rights of Tyshawn Taylor, taken at #41, and Toko Shengelia,...

Nets, Knicks Compete for Camby


In what may or may not be related news, Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Nets and Knicks, not the Heat, are in the lead position for Marcus Camby. The 16-year veteran is an unrestricted free...

Meeting "Went Well", But No Decision

After a meeting that last several hours, Deron Williams had nothing to announce about his choice of destination. The meeting was described this way by Sam Amick, "Source says Nets' meeting with...

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #10


So in our latest NetsDaily Off-Season Report, wet ake a closer look at the three players the Nets drafted, catch up on some news that took place during the week and WORRY OURSELVES SICK!

Draft Grades From "Great" to F


We've been a bit skeptical of draft grades ever since 2005 when Dick Vitale compared Antoine Wright to Dwyane Wade. (Ed Stefanski compared him to Allan Houston.) So we ask that you take history...

Taylor Talks Basketball, Life, History


Remember when the Nets would have a press conference to introduce their new draft pick. The pick or picks would hold up their Nets uniform jersey and smile before being asked about their hopes and...


Taylor's Not in Kansas Anymore


In Lawrence, Kansas, Tyshawn Taylor was seen as controversial, a tough city kid with a chip on his shoulder but with another athleticism and court smarts to help lead a team all the way to...

With EuroStash, Nets Emulate Spurs


With the selection of two 6'10" 21-year-old European big men, the Nets were not looking at this fall. They were looking long term and they hope they can emulate the success of the San Antonio Spurs...

Nets Select Tyshawn Taylor at #41; Toko Shengalia of Georgia at #54; Ilkan Karaman of Turkey at #57


After failing to acquire a first round pick, the Nets purchased two picks and kept their own second round pick, ending up with Tyshawn Taylor, the Kansas point guard, at #41,and two European big...

NetsDaily Draft Viewing Guide

We expect to be at the Prudential Center Thursday night, with our laptop, ready to soak in the proceedings and record them as they happen. Here's some helpful hints of what to look for between now...

Draft Night Wonders and Blunders


This year will be a big challenge for the Nets. They currently have only the #57 pick. They expect to move up but how far? Who knows if they will. One thing is for sure. If they do, it will add to...

King: Move Up Depends on Player


Billy King isn't sure he'll move in the Draft Thursday but he wasn't sure last year either and he did two deals.

What To Expect Next Two Weeks


Nets types offer words like "confident" and "comfortable" when discussing how things look as they move into the draft and free agency, where nothing less than the future of the franchise will be on...

Mavs Trying to Dump Cap Space


The Mavericks have let Jeff Schwartz, the agent for Lamar Odom (as well as Deron Williams and Jason Kidd) pursue a trade to the Clippers in hopes of reducing their cap space and enhancing their...

Billy King Rated Top 3 Drafter


Jeff Goodman of CBS Sports tries his hand at ranking general managers at drafting and Billy King comes out well, finishing third behind only Sam Presti of Oklahoma City and Geoff Petrie of Sacramento

Do Nets Want to Move Up...Way Up?


David Aldridge reports on NBA TV that the Nets are calling around the league hoping to move up in the lottery where they would like to take "someone like Thomas Robinson", the NCAA Player of the...

Limited Choices, Foreign or Domestic, For Nets Down at #57


It's still likely, at a time of uncertainty, is that the Nets will hang on to the 57th pick, obtained in an odd transaction that brought Chris Quinn to the Nets and sent Rafer Alston to the Heat....

Rockets Eye Draft Day Deal for D12


Chad Ford and Marc Stein report that the Rockets are trying to move up in the Draft to acquire enough assets to lure the Magic into a Thursday night deal for Dwight Howard. Houston has been...

Nets Eye Heat Pick at #27?


In a round-up of draft rumors on Twitter, Sam Amico of FOX Sports reports that the Nets may be interested in acquiring the Heat pick at #27. The Heat, Bulls and Thunder, bunched at the bottom of...

Nets Interested in Houston Pick?


Sports Legion which has broken several stories lately reports Sunday in a tweet that the Nets and Lakers are interested in acquiring one of the Rockets picks at #14 and #16.

NetsDaily Off-Season Report #9


A week from Sunday, that's July 1, we'll know who the Nets drafted (and maybe traded for) and have a good idea of what Deron Williams and Gerald Wallace are going to do; how much the Nets have...

Blake: Nets Can Get Quality at #57


Ryan Blake, the NBA's director of scouting, talked with the Nets website this week on the team's draft prospects, from what players could work at #57; why you move up in a draft; which position is...

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