Worst Net ever?

In case you missed it, here's a link to a fanshot I posted yesterday. Hardwood Paroxysm has Graham as the absolute worst rotation player in the NBA and they posted a video with Stevie's highlights.

I think Frenchi is missing on that list.

Anyway, with this fanpost I wanted to know who is considered the worst Net ever among my fellow Nets fans. I added a poll (I didn't include guys who barely played- see Mile Ilic).

Graham has played enough minutes and has been awful enough to be in the mix. I know he makes the vets minimum, but even making that he's still overpaid. I mean how can this guy play in the NBA? Seriously! He shouldn't be in this league even if he paid for it. I know, I know, he's a good guy and works hard. But bottom line is, he is the absolute worst player I have ever seen in the NBA (among players who were given enough playing time). He started in MORE than 1/3 of our games this season! If you told me that after a 12-win season and with all those picks and all that cap space we would end up playing such a bum this much, I would have thought you were crazy.... only in Netsland something like this is possible... The guy is completly useless, I don't know where this myth about him being a good defender is coming from... he is a BAD defender, he constantly gets blown by by quicker players and dude gives up and 1s left and right...


...and on offense he is just awful, and even worse, he is overconfident.

But hey, he is an Avery type of guy (ie, a suck up) so it's all OK!

Outlaw and Yi were absolutely awful, yet they kept on being given plenty of opportunities since they were their coaches' pet projects. I think Outlol's case is worse since he has been around for more years and signed a big contract. Yi was a young player (allegedly, lol) on his rookie scale contract, we were rebuilding and took a chance on his supposed upside... he didn't deserve all those opportunities and was babied to no end tho. Both are one-dimensional players who suck at that only dimension they were supposed to be able to contribute at. Neither can play D, pass the ball, and both are subpar rebounders and have the BBIQ of a frog. You can hope Outlaw turns it around all you want (believe harder!), but as of now he deserves to be on the list after the terrible year he had.


I know some will say where's Bobby Simmons, but as overpaid as he was, at least the guy was decent enough during his first year here, as he finished with one of the best 3 pt shooting percentages in all of basketball that year, and we all knew he was nothing but a cap filler when we took on his contract.

I encourage you to vote! 

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