Where do you think DH12 will land?

With the lockout in place, there's not much stuff to watch or talk about in basketball. What better way to have fun than to speculate the future? I took the liberty of ranking the top five teams that I think Dwight Howard can go to (with the exception of Orlando) that is in his best interest.

1) Boston Celtics

Dwight's problem with leaving the Magic, is that his circumstances could not be any worse. Dwight has always been compared with Shaq, and leaving Orlando would make him Shaq 2.0, couple that with the recent "Desicion", leaving could easily kill Dwight's reputation. But most people understand why he wants to leave, so if he must, the best way to go is to be the anti-Shaq, and go to the Celtics. The best part, Dwight gets to team up with Allstar pg Rajon Rondo, and a potentially good forward in Jeff Green. In, 2012, KG's and Ray Allen's contracts expire, so Boston can use the 15+ million in cap to sign Howard, and use KG and Allen's bird rights to form a LAST STAND BIG 5 SUPER DUPER ALLSTAR BONANZA TEAM, that has potential moving forward.

Probability 25%

2) New Jersey Nets

The Nets are one of the few teams with an Allstar and also with capspace. The nets also have enough trade assets to make a so-so pitch for Dwight Howard. While Howard may be looking for a quick fix like Dallas or LA, (see why NJ isn't a quick fix below) New Jersey (Brooklyn) has the best potential to win multiple Championships down the road. Lopez complements Dwight almost perfectly, and Deron Williams can push this team over the top in the near future.

Probability 25%

3) Dallas Mavericks

I sometimes check the Knicks blogsite and I saw a post about how offense wins Championships. It made quite a convincing argument, but then why would people say that defense wins championships when it's actually offense? The answer? Neither. I believe that the foremost reason for winning Championships is experience, Look at the Celtics and the Mavericks and the Lakers. I do believe that the Nets can win a title with a trio of Williams, Lopez and Howard, but they will have to fail a few times before they can succeed. The Mavericks on the other hand, have the experience, depth and star power, that a team needs to win a title, and they might lack a center. Dwight Howard can be a solution to that problem.

Probability (i'll give it ) 15%

4) New York Knicks

Many people say that the Knicks have a shot at winning a Championship, that likely will never come true until they put the same (or at least a decent) amount of effort on defense. Which is why Dwight Howard is the best player for the Knicks, even better that Chris Paul. Orlando is a horrible defensive team without Dwight Howard, and Howard managed to turn it into a top 5 defensive team. With the 3 time (and counting) Defensive Player of the Year and superstar offense from Carmelo Anthony (arguably the best offensive talent in the entire league) and Amar'e Stoudemire, no explanation is necessary.

While the Knicks would be a prime location for Dwight Howard, they'll most likely sign Chris Paul, so i'd give them a modest:

Probability 1%

5) Oklahoma City Thunder

The Oklahoma City Thunder would probably give Dwight Howard more chances to win championships than any of the 4 previous teams, that is of course if they can sign him outright, but they can't. Why? The thunder have little to no disposable assets and they are just a few hundred thousand below the cap. Any trade, will likely involve Westbrook, Perkins, and maybe even Harden, which will make the prospect of Durant, Westbrook and Howard on the same team unlikely. Sure it's still scary, but not as much as the Mav's stacked roster or the C's Big 5, or Lopez, Williams, Howard, or a perfect balance of Amar'e, 'Melo and Howard.

Probability 15%

Special Mention: Los Angeles Clippers (Blake, Gordon & cap space), Golden State Warriors (their focus on offense) and the Indiana Pacers (Danny Granger and cap space)

Probability: Whatever's left.


What do you guys think? Be sure to post your rankings :)

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