Reasons Why Nets Benefit from a Season Long Lockout

I posted this as a comment on another fan post, but I think this lays out a pretty good reason for Nets fans to be hopeful (granted no hoops but lots of championships loom in the future) for the entire season to be lost.

I don't see DWill leaving....if anything I think missing a season is a huge benefit for the Nets for the following reasons:
- The Nets can not overspend in Free Agency in 2011 or throw loads of money at veteran players (Nene, Prince, AK47) with the hope of building a team that DWill wants to stay with....the chances of that ending up with big money committed to veterans on downside of career and inability to improve team going forward is HUGE

- The price tag for Hump will drastically decline as he is 1 year removed from his double double season and him and Kim are entrenched in NYC/NJ for reality TV shows, etc...he not going to take more money to go home to Minnesota with her in tow.

- The 2011 rookies will be allowed to play either in Europe or in the D-League - so they will get a year of seasoning in the professional game.  This could be especially helpful for Jordan Williams and will also let the Nets know what they have in MarShon Brooks for planning the roster in 2012

- The new CBA is almost certain to have a lower salary cap - making it less likely DWill would opt out of that final year of his deal, as his next annual pay check would be lower (and remember he is going to need to recoup the lost salary of 2011-2012) the Nets get 1 more season to convince him to stay (in Brooklyn no less)

- Most likely the 2012 draft will be based on some sort of formula for the final records of 2011 season - so the Nets should have a high to mid level lottery selection. In a loaded 2012 draft at the forward position - they may conceivably walk away with their SF of the future in the draft. And even if the draft order is based upon a lottery of all teams - does anyone really think that the NBA would not want to (actually NEED to) have a stud top lottery pick end up in Brooklyn in the first year of basketball in Brooklyn?

- Any change to the salary cap would have to come with a 1 time amnesty clause to allow teams to get under the cap - without this - teams could be penalized for decisions in the future that no longer comply with the current league rules.  So an amnesty clause is essential....meaning that not only would the Nets be able to waive Travis Outlaw, but that the 2012 free agency class would be even larger - as there would be 30 "waived" players added to 2011 and 2012 available free agents.  The added bonus to this is that the team would still be liable for paying the player salaries (or perhaps there would be a buy out provision baked in) these waived players would be more apt to take less money to play in a "better" situation...A new arena in Brooklyn with DWill as your PG and a chance to be a competitive team is a better situation in my book.  Plus many of the smaller market owners who are struggling with cash flow would be even less aggressive with spending money in free agency as they would have to eat the cost of that waived contract plus sign another player to take that roster spot.....for a big spending owner like Proky - this could be a huge benefit to the Nets.

- The Nets will have saved cap space from not signing free agents in 2011 (meaning didn't take on any bad contracts), and the Nets will also be free of salary obligations to Stephen Graham, Ben Uzoh, Sundiata Gaines - and will have a team option on Damion James (which I imagine they would pick up).  They will also have  stockpile of expiring contracts in Petro ($3.5m), Farmar ($4.25m) and Morrow ($4m) which could be used as trade chips...Oh and Dwight Howard will be a free agent so the Nets could conceivably sign Dwight Howard outright as a free agent, and will still control the rights to Brook (meaning they could potentially go over the cap and will have the ability to offer an extra year and higher raise percentage than other teams).

- And finally, Brooklyn i s no longer a dream but a reality!

So theoretically, if there is not a season in 2011-2012 the Nets roster could look like this for the 2012-2013 season:
PG - DWill, Farmar
SG - Brooks, Morrow
SF - James, Draft pick, Bojan Bogdanovic
PF - Lopez, Hump (at $4m per year), Jordan Williams
C - Dwight Howard, Petro

That is a championship contending lineup - and is MUCH MUCH MUCH better than anything you could conceive if we have a season in 2011-2012 and are forced to sign (and overpay) for veterans like Nene, Prince, AK47 and Hump which would then make the idea of Brook and Dwight as PF/C combo IMPOSSIBLE.

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