this offseason

ok so yesterday i posted one of these sayin we could trade deron for westbrook and perkins or ibaka and lopez for pierce and i got all kinds of bad comments about. i was just trying to have all the nets fans see something other than gettin RESTRICTED free agents like wilson chandler or nick young and overpaying them and frontloading contracts to them or seeing stuff like get one of the top free agents like crawford and a veteran like prince or kirilenko and wait to see if orlando would take lopez and hump and picks and money for howard.

i came with a different solution that would be a lot better than deron crawford prince/kirilenko hump lopez or MABE howard

with the new cba coming up we dont whats going to look like. it seems like a amnesty clause would be for sure but nothing about the salary lets just say its stays the same. with outlaw contract out we would have about 25 million to spend. with the upcoming draft coming in the next week all of you guys here like brooks or selby or tyler some like singleton and others. i like all of them as well but we have to realize they wont contribute a lot rite away and we are already a young team. the best thing for us is to package some of our assets and these picks and upgrade our worst position which is small forward. we need athletic wing players that create their own shot.

rumors are that timberwolves would like to trade beasley since they are going to pick williams with the 2 pick and are looking for a veteran big man. i know dont have that but we do have a sg that they need in morrow and a good backup point in farmar since they have rubio coming to them and they dont want flynn back and are looking to trade him so we would get beasley they would get farmar or morrow and bring in a third team who have a veteran big man like cavs with jamison or bucks with drew gooden. throw our 27th pick to one those teams and some cash for both timberwolves and cavs/bucks. with trade we would actually save 2 mill since beasley is owed 6 and morrow and farmar are at 8 so then we would have 27 mill to spend

resign hump 7mill

sign nene 12mill

sign richardson 7mill

we do that and we would be under the cap 1 mill. we go out and sign some good veterans to backup roles like mcgrady for the veteran minimum he did a good job in detroit and he still has 2 maybe 3 years of being a good backup till he retires and another shooter to backup richardson. guys like james jones, maybe vince carter could be an option if he would take the minimum  








good starters with any 5 of them that can go for 20 any night and a still pretty deep with that bench. were still pretty young and have some good veterans and we still have our picks and some good pieces and brook lopez if howard becomes avaiable.

tell me what you think

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