How we can mirror the Bulls of this year

While the majority of us want and neeeeeed Dwight Howard on this team, it's a strong possibility that it may not happen.  We clearly feel that we have the best package, but so does every other teams fans.  We may not be able to obtain Howard until next year's offseason or not at all so with that being said our Front Office needs to look into improving our team for the upcoming year so that we may entice Deron Williams into staying.

I for one feel that it is a lock that he is staying.  No way Avery and BillyKing would be doing interviews with that giggly, cocky we're pretty sure he's gonna stay attitude unless something was already in the addition, who's to say the guy will even opt out of his deal?

But i digress......The Chicago Bulls of this year were built on a solid team that played good defense and had an allworld "point guard." Well who's to say we can't copy that mold if need be this year? The Bulls greatest weakness was at the 2 guard....bogans is far from the answer at that spot.  But our beloved NJ Nets can be that type of team this year if we are unable to get DH12!!!!! How? Take a look:

At the point guard we have an all world point guard who certainly isn't the same type of player Derrick Rose is, but has the ability to put up 20+ points and 10+ assists all the while making those around him better.  At the 3 if we can sign a Kirilenko or a Tayshaun Prince we would be more than adequate with D James coming off the bench to contribute solid defensive and hustle minutes....sure Deng is a better scorer, but not by much, Dwills ability to set these guys up would elevate their scoring.  At the 4 If we can make a play for Nene and somehow keep Hump I believe it's better than Boozer....heck I feel if we only keep Hump based on salaries it's better than Boozer who will never live up to that max contract as compared to the probable 5 or 6 per Hump will Center Lopez vs Noah.....ok Noah is a great defender and rebounder but the difference between the two of them offensively is night and day, and i feel outweighs Brooks shortcomings on the glass which i think will only get better....That brings us to that Bogans spot the 2 guard...there are some options many times has this site discussed  Earl JR Smith, Afflalo, Thornton, Nick Young....i personally like JR Smith....he is friends with Dwill and i think Avery can mold him much like he did cannot deny he is a gifted scorer/athlete and a highlight waiting to happen (i personally would pay good money to see him posterize Amare!!!)......but an option also is to try and pry Sjax from the Bobcats...Silas said one of their weaknesses is a solid backup point guard and a shooter....well we have the most solid backup pg in the game in farmar.....maybe a package of farmar and a draft pick can get us sjax!!!! Lastly we have Chicago's features a couple of good bigs in Asik and Kurt Thomas and a sharpshooter in Korver....we can definitely pick up a few bigs in FA and the draft such as a Mcroberts and the sharpshooter we have covered in Morrow.

I know some of you will say, our goal is to take down Miami and Chicago couldnt with that type of team, what makes you think we could? Well my answer to that would be....if you told me we could go from a 24 win team to a 50 win team and make the playoffs make some noise and have a move to brooklyn coming up....other players would be salivating to come here and play with a solid squad with nothing but promise and a billion dollar arena with the best owner in sports running the show........think about it!!!!

NJ squad: Dwill - JR Smith - AK/47 - Nene - Brook Lopez

NJ Bench: Farmar - Gaines - Morrow - James - Hump - Mcroberts - Rookie - OutLOL(streetclothes)


CHI Squad: Rose - Bogans - Deng - Boozer - Noah

CHI Bench : Price - Brewer - Gibson - Asik - Thomas - Korver -

Of course if we get DH12 all this typing was just finger exercise!!!

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