Feel better about the lockout

I know none of us in here want a lockout.  Personally for me, I'd hate to go through an entire year of no basketball.  It seems like a real possibility though, and so therefore, I started thinking about some of the advantages of not playing ball until 2012.  It turns out, it's not really that bad!

Many on here probably think that losing a season means losing our "last chance to prove to Deron that we are worthy".  This is indeed a good point, but I'm going to keep it real here - we probably would have failed.  I have faith in management and ownership, but the truth of the matter is, IMO, the free agent class is just too weak to make a significant stride forward.  I truly believe it's a case of Dwight or bust with Deron.  Well, maybe not just Dwight, but a player of his caliber. A difference maker.  Either that, or you better pray for a franchise tag in the new CBA.

Having said that, this brings up a big debate here on Netsdaily:  Should we spend our cap space on free agents this year?  Or save it all for Dwight Howard?  You all have probably taken a stance on this one, but I still haven't.  I see both sides of the equations here, and it's a real tough one for me.  A tough one, that is solved with a season long lock out :)

If indeed the lockout lasts an entire year, then all our cap space is then moved to 2012.  Not only will we have a plethora of cash for twice as many free agents (and much better free agents, including Dwight), but it also wouldn't have been the Nets who stood pat - it was an NBA lockout, not our fault.

Secondly, consider the draft!  One of the strongest in years.  The Nets finished with 24 wins last year.  If they redo the lottery, we have a GREAT chance of finishing with a top pick, and are guaranteed top 8!

Lastly, Brooklyn will be a tangible reality in 2012.  When we approach free agents, we will officially be The Brooklyn Nets, with the Taj Mahal of basketball as our home, open for tour.

In a season long lockout scenario, the Nets could go into the 2012 offseason with around 40 million in salaries, and 15.6 million in capholds on Brook and Hump.  With the strong possibility of an amnesty clause, dropping Outlaw would give us around 10-12 million in Cap space.  A roster of the following, plus whoever we take in the 2012 draft (Top 8 pick), and 12 million in cap space would be the result.


Lopez - Petro

Humphries - Williams


Morrow - Brooks

Williams - Farmar


12 Million may not be enough for Dwight Howard, but Farmar, Morrow, and Petro would become expiring contracts, which are easily movable, and would free up to 11.75 million more!  Or we could choose to sign and trade Brook Lopez to gain 9.2 million.  Or we could choose to let Humphries walk for an addition 6.4 million.  Etc. etc.  We'd have PLENTY of options.  Dwight Howard would be entirely possible.

Now... I'm not too upset about a lockout :)  So feel better Nets fans!

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