Is this trade possible

Pau Gasol suppossedly broke up with his fiancee because Kobe's wife told her that he was cheating on her. Gasol played like a zombie in the playoffs and it appears that he will be traded this offseason. Can the Nets make a play for him?

Pau Gasol and Matt Barnes


Sign and trade Kris Humphries, Nets #1 pick 2012, Houston #1 pick 2012, Nets #1 pick 2014, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro, Stephen Graham

At 1st glance you would say NO but look at how it fits for both teams. LA is an aging team and Kobe only has a few years left. They are going to need to accumulate 1st round draft picks and we would be giving them 3 n return. The Lakers two biggest weaknesses are 3pt shooting and PG. Morrow would fit nicely next to Kobe and help open up the floor. Farmar is a former Laker who didnt fit well in the triangle offense. With Mike Brown at the helm he would give LA a huge boost at the point. Then there is Hump. Only certain players can play for the Lakers and Hump looks the part. A good looking, hard working hustler who has the right girl on his arm to be a fan favorite. Petro would provide big man depth and Graham's non guaranteed contract cut be shed from the team. Look at the Lakers lineup after the trade. They would have gotten significantly younger while still being a heavy favorite to win it all next year

Bynum(23), Petro(25)

Odom(31), Hump(26)

Kobe(33), Artest(31)

Morrow(26), S Brown(25)

Farmar(24), Blake(31)

As for NJ we would get one of the most recognized international players in the world in Gasol. He would instantly raise us to a top 3 team in the East and give us 3 player (Dwill, Gasol, Lopez) who Miami doesnt match up well with. Our front court would easily be one of the most skilled in the NBA.

Lopez, Tyler#27

Gasol, K Mart

AK 47, D James, Outlaw

JR Smith(or another FA SG, please dont dwell on this part), Barnes

DWill, Gaines, Shumpert or Lee#36

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