BIG 3?

With the NBA Finals standing at 3-2 in favor of the Mavs, it has me thinking about the Nets and how they should approach their goal of winning a championship. The Heat have the Big 3 and the Mavs have Dirk and alot of quality veterans like Kidd, Terry, and Chandler. Now I wonder if getting our own big three is the best course of action for our franchise.

Assuming we can resign DWill, would it be better to try and attain our own superstar studded team or try to build a team around our star and fill in the roster with vets.

Obviously if we want the superstar studded team, we would need to acquire Dwight Howard. Would a third piece be necessary? If so, who and how? (I think a trade could be our only way)

If we surrounded Dwill with vets, who would you want to see him play with? I think that AK47 is a viable option to play, especially with a young guy like James to utilize, in case of injury or fatigue. Looking forward to the 2012 FA class, I see guys that could play well in a deep roster, like Randy Foye, Hernandez/Batum, Matt Barnes, Jason Terry (although he'll be 35), Brandon Rush, or Keith Bogans.

I personally think the Big 3 wastes a little bit of the talent on a night to night basis of each of the stars, taking away from at least one of them on any given night, mostly Bosh for the Heat. Having 2 guys seems reasonable, and surrounding them with a deep roster of veterans and maybe a few high risk high reward young players will establish a contender. 

Perhaps something like this for 2012:

1. Dwill

2. Foye

3 AK47

4 Hump

5 Dwight

w/ Farmar, Sasha,  Mehmet Okur as a backup big, and whomever we get in the draft picks we dont give up for Dwight.

I think we are 2 years away, with the right moves, from competing at a championship caliber level. So if you are Billy King, who do you go get to put out on the roster for a title run in 2012?


P.S. Sorry if this is a little all over the place, its a broad topic so i got a little carried away. Thanks for the read.

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