Guess That Mediocre Player!!!

Well the NetsDaily community seems to have an affinity lately for over-hyping mediocre players as the answer to all of the problems of the Nets. 

To help to illustrate this point, I will be comparing the career stats of two anonymous players. Let's call them Player A and Player B.

Let's see if you guys can guess who they are.

Points Per Game

Player A: 9.5 PPG

Player B: 8.3 PPG

Assists Per Game

Player A: 0.9 AST

Player B: 1.3 AST

Rebounds Per Game

Player A: 3.5 REB

Player B: 2.2 REB

Free Throw Percentage

Player A: 74.4 % FT%

Player B: 78.5% FT%

Three Point Percentage

Player A: 34.4% 3PT%

Player B: 33.3% 3PT%

Field Goal Percentage

Player A: 42.9% FG%

Player B: 42.7% FG%

Field Goals/Field Goal Attempts

Player A: 3.6 FG/8.4 FGA

Player B: 3.1 FG/7.4 FGA

Minutes Per Game

Player A: 22.9 MPG

Player B: 19.1 MPG

Win Shares Per 48 Minutes

Player A: 0.065 WS/48

Player B: 0.068 WS/48

Defensive Rating

Player A: 109 DRtg

Player B: 109 DRtg

Offensive Rating

Player A: 103 ORtg

Player B: 104 ORtg

Usage Percentage

Player A: 21.2% USG%

Player B: 21.1% USG%

Effective Field Goal Percentage

Player A: 46.3% eFG%

Player B: 48.6% eFG%

True Shooting Percentage

Player A: 50.4% TS%

Player B: 51.8% TS%

Player Efficiency Rating

Player A: 13.6 PER

Player B: 12.1 PER

I think by now that you can probably see that these guys are statistical doppelgangers. So let's find out who these mystery players are!

Player A is this guy:



That's right! It's our very own Travis Outlaw who drew the ire of nearly every Nets fan at least once in the season. Most regard him as a mistake by the Nets front office that they should try to avoid repeating.

"But why is this relevant, Maxyboy?" you may ask.

I'll show you why.

This is Player B:



It's Deron Williams' bestest buddy C.J. Miles

This player from the Jazz is apparently beloved by most on NetsDaily. He is already being welcomed with open arms. 

However, by just about every metric, he is basically Travis Outlaw 2: The Mediocrity Strikes Back.

So for those of you who think that he will solve the Nets' problems at the perimeter, you are just setting yourselves up for disappointment. If the Nets sign this guy, he will probably become the butt of the jokes around here so the only one who should be amicable to this signing is Travis Outlaw himself as it would take the spotlight off of him.

I hope that the Nets do not chain themselves to another albatross solely because he is Deron Williams' friend although I acknowledge that it will likely happen.

I just think the Nets need to get legitimate wing players and not weigh themselves down with any more dead weight.

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