THIS GUY should be the Nets Top FA target this summer

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Marcus Thornton, SG, Sacramento Kings.

This guy can score the lights out, simply put.  When given ample playing time with the Kings, he put up 21.3 PPG.  He is a gifted and underrated scorer who can do it in various ways.  He's a streaky 3-point shooter, not on Anthony Morrow's level, but certainly passable, especially when he gets hot.  

But it's not his shooting that makes him so attractive.

It's his ability to create his own shot.

The Nets, it was painfully obvious this year, could NOT create their own shot.  It was a bunch of spot up shooters in a stagnant offense.  Thornton would bring a dimension that this team totally lacks: a scoring wing who can get his own shot.  Thornton can take some of the scoring load off of D-Will and Lopez, and be a solid player with the Nets for a long time to come.  He has a great ability to put his head down and take the ball to the rack.  The Nets scored a shockingly low amount of points last year on drives to the rim.  In my opinion, that's the best and easiest way to put up big numbers on the scoreboard, and all the great teams can do it.  Thornton can put up points either on the drive or at the free throw line. 

He's an okay passer, not D-Will by any means, but that wouldn't be his role here in New Jersey.  He can also rebound pretty well for a 6'4" guard, but that's just a bonus.

He is also well-liked by his teammates and is a good locker room presence.  

I'm sure D-Will would love to have a scoring 2-guard alongside him to help him rack up the assists and actually put up a good amount of points, unlike most of the wings the Nets employed last year (Graham, Outlaw).  

The only problem is that Sacramento will probably not let him get away.  We can combat this by offering him an offer sheet with a huge first year, and a small second one (so as to leave room for Dwight Howard).  This might scare the Kings off.  

I admit it'd be hard for Sacramento to let him go.  But even if they aren't going to, we have to make our best effort to get this guy.  It just makes too much sense.

This guy has big time scoring ability, and the Nets need to do their very best to get him.  

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